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  WORKSHOP THEMES may include:
Urban Sustainability - Including also landsacpe design.
Social Sustainability - Serving/benefiting a local community.
New Building Sustainability - Towards a zero emissions energy-autonomous building.
Existing Building Sustainability - Upgrade, Reuse and Expansion.
Design Sustainability - Combining Design & Building, and Design & light hands-on construction (design-build).

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W1 : Marta Pozo Gil, Architect | MVRDV, Holland & Ohad Yehieli, Architect | Tel Aviv University School of Architecture, Israel & Sharon Cheshnovsky, Architect, Israel

Marta Pozo Gil is an architect and licensed BREEAM assessor. She has been working with MVRDV since 2007 where, in addition to her role as a Project Leader, Marta leads MVRDV's Sustainability Department. By forming environmental strategies and energy-efficiency guidelines for each design process, Marta ensures a high standard is maintained for all of MVRDV's projects.
Marta has been involved in the conceptualizing and execution of projects of various scales. She is currently leading the design team for Montecorvo Eco City in Logrono, Spain. Marta is also working on a dense urban masterplan in Bordeaux, France - an ambitious "eco-quartier" where all energy consumed by the masterplan will be produced on-site. Marta has received degrees from Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain (2001) and TU Berlin, Germany (2004). She regularly lectures and has won several awards.

Ohad Yehieli is an architect living and working in Tel Aviv Jaffa, and leading a design studio at the Tel Aviv University's School of Architecture from which he graduated in 2000. The architectural office, Ohad Yehieli Architects (OYA) is involved with numerous projects in a variety of uses, housing, private residence, commerce and industry. After dealing with the Narrowest House in Tel Aviv Jaffa, barely 3.65 m in width, the firm is happy to be involved and intrigued by the design of projects of challenging conditions.

Sharon Cheshnovsky is a practicing architect living and working in Tel Aviv. She is a graduate of the Tel Aviv University's School of Architecture (2000). Currently she is a Team Leader at M-Y-S Architects where she is leading large scale projects such as Grand Mall Varna (2010) and Residential Towers in Tbilisi Georgia. Sharon's interest in green buildings and social architecture has led to the design and establishment of an ecological health Clinique in the Bedouin village Vadi Al naam (2003). Between 2005 and 2007 she taught at Bezalael Academy of Arts Architecture department guiding design studio.

The workshop is made possible thanks to the cooperation with the Tel Aviv Municipality City Engineer's Office.

Workshop location: ZEZEZE Architectural Gallery, Port of Tel Aviv. map
Workshop theme:
Covering Ayalon Highway, Tel Aviv.
Workshop Consultants: Municipality of Tel Aviv, City Engineer's Office.


W2 : Maciej Siuda Architect | Devebere, Poland & Dan Price, Architect | PPY Architects & TAU Azrieli School of Architecture, Israel & Galia Hanoch-Roe Landscape Architect | Israel

Devebere is a project that came out of a collaboration of two architects Maciej Siuda and Rodrigo Garcia in 2011. Their last design, an experimental pavilion made of garbage and air by people, awarded by the French institute of architecture, is going to be presented during the Biennale of Architecture in Venice 2012.

Maciej Siuda graduated with honors from the Faculty of Architecture at Wroclaw University of Technology in 2008. His diploma, XYZ Structure, was awarded in a number of international and national competitions. From 2005 to 2007 he studied at the Faculty of Architecture at University of Technology in Valencia and made an internship at the SQArquitectos office (Valencia), and later in other offices in Madrid, Tokyo and Alicante. Since 2011 he has been developing his independent work, collaborating with various architects and designers form Spain, Poland and Japan. Co- creator of the international workshop of architecture and urbanism: IWAU. Since 2011 he teaches design at the Swietokrzyska University of Technology and developing videogames graphic design for the Foundation of Neurorehabilitation in Valencia.

Dan Price is a practicing architect living in Tel Aviv. He began his studies in Johannesburg and graduated from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. As partner with Ada Karmi-Melamed, Dan price worked on numerous public and private projects of various scales: from the new Ben Gurion airport to private houses. For the past eight years Dan has taught design at the Azrieli School of Architecture at Tel Aviv University as well as a course on the appropriate use of materials and construction detailing. He has just completed a Masters degree in Environmental Studies through the Porter School at the Tel Aviv University focusing his research on the design of sustainable neighborhoods.. Recently he published a book, co-authored with Ada Karmi-Melamede presenting a critical analysis of architecture in Palestine-Israel during the British mandate (1918-1947).

Galia Hanoch-Roe is a graduate of the Landscape aAchitecture program of Rutgers University, and a graduate of Masters and Doctorate of Musical Arts from Yale University and CUNY graduate school. Practiced landscape architecture at Looney Ricks Kiss, Princeton, NJ and "Tichnun Nof" Israel. Galia has studied Permaculture and Sustainable Design in Mexico, US and Israel - specializing on urban agro-ecology, ecological buildings, water treatment, agricultural methods, food production and soil treatment. Galia participated in the "Ministers Project" - a joint project of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Environmental Protection, leading the process with 12 agricultural educational farms in Tel Aviv and Center Israel, to design and build educational areas in the farms and establish programs on sustainability for students. Galia has taught at the University of Haifa, and currently teaches and lectures at different continuing educational frameworks on sustainable design.

The workshop is made possible thanks to the cooperation with the Tel Aviv Municipality City Engineer's Office.

Workshop location: Municipality of Tel Aviv, Engineering Dept. Sderot Ben Gurion 68, Tel Aviv. map
Workshop theme:
Educational Installation for Children on Rabin Square, Tel Aviv.
Workshop Consultants: Tel Aviv Municipality, City Engineer's Office.

W3 : Byron Stigge, Architect | Level Agency for Infrastructure, USA & Elias Messinas, Architect | ECOWEEK & EcoAMA, Israel & Greece

Byron is a Director at Level Agency for Infrastructure. He leads the sustainable infrastructure design, investment strategy and implementation services at Level and is based in New York. Byron has focused his design career on the study and practice of sustainable development for the built environment. He has had the opportunity to work around the world and at all scales of design from single family homes to large commercial buildings to city-scale infrastructure planning.
For the past 15 years, Byron has been designing sustainable infrastructure plans for large scale development projects predominantly in developing countries. At Level he engages on energy and climate change planning, water and wastewater management, public transportation planning, and waste management. Level is a for-profit, mission-driven business focused on creating urban developments which benefit urban poor in developing countries by creating economic opportunities, ecological preservation and social development through innovative technologies and infrastructure design.
Byron is on the Board of Directors of the Institute for Urban Design. He has lectured and taught at Harvard Graduate School of Design, MIT, Yale, Washington University in St. Louis and Columbia University. He earned an undergraduate dual degree from Washington University in St. Louis in civil engineering and architecture, a Master of Building Technology from MIT and a Master of Design Studies in Environmental Planning from Harvard.

Byron's participation to ECOWEEK is made possible thanks to the support of the Order of St. Lazarus.

Elias Messinas is an architect and environmental consultant. He holds a Masters from Yale School of Architecture, a B.Des. on Environmental Design from Bezalel Academy and a doctorate from the National Technical University of Athens. He also attended an M.Sc. on Environment and Development at NTUA. He has been practicing Architecture since 1998 primarily in Greece and Israel, but also in Cyprus and the US. He has taught Architecture and Design at Yale College, Athens, College, Technion Institute of Technology and Holon Institute of Technology. He is the author of two books on the History and Architecture of the Synagogues of Greece, and is the editor of the ECOWEEK catalogue published in 2012. He has published and lectured widely on Architecture and Design. He is the founding chairman and cooridnator of ECOWEEK, which he initiated in 2005.

The workshop is hosted at the Scottish Guesthouse in Jerusalem, with the kind hospitality of the Church of Scotland, and the cooperation of the Municipality of Jerusalem and Shorouq Association. Special thanks to Arie Rahamimov Architects.

Workshop location: Scottish Guesthouse, Jerusalem.
Workshop theme:
Sustainable Pilgrimage Route in Azaryia (Bethany), West Bank.
Workshop Consultants: Jerusalem Municipality. Shrouq Association. Yoel Siegel of URBIS Jerusalem.

W4 : Ruth Lahav, Architect | D. Eytan / R. Lahav - Rigg Architects & Town Planners, Israel & Noa Maliar, Architect, Israel

Ruth Lahav is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Technion, Haifa. Practiced in London for several years. Lectures at the Bezalel Academy (Jerusalem), and is senior lecturer at the Technion and Shenkar College. During 1980-2003 worked together with architect Tony Rigg, and in 2003 established R. Lahav - Rigg Architects in Tel Aviv. Together with arch. Rigg managed the architecture and energy workgroup of the UIA during 2000 - 2009. Winner of numerous competitions and awards (jointly and separately), lectured widely in Israel and abroad. Ruth's work has been widely published, dealing with climate-oriented construction from theory to practice. Ruth's projects include residential and public buildings, offices, managed care facilities, and urban plans.

Noa Maliar is an American-Israeli architect currently living in Tel-Aviv. Projects range in scales from modular furniture and high-end private residences to award winning multi-story buildings in the US with innovative curtain wall and sustainable technologies. Holding a Master's of Architecture since 2004 from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, and a B.Arch from 2001, Noa has participated in international workshops and spearheaded architectural studios both in Israel and abroad. Notably, she was key architect in the design of a Platinum LEED certified High-end Residential Tower in Manhattan as part of the PCPA design team.

The workshop is made possible thanks to the cooperation with the Port of Tel Aviv (Otzar Mifalei Yam) and the ZEZEZE Architectural Gallery.

Workshop location:
ZEZEZE Architectural Gallery, Port of Tel Aviv. map
Workshop theme:
Design of the internal pedestrian and vehicular axis of the port of Tel Aviv, and it connection to the main promenade, the city and the sea front.
Workshop Consultants: Port of Tel Aviv (Otzar Mifalei Yam). Udi Kassif and Ganit Mayslits Architects. more


W5: Uri Gilad , Architect | office_winhov, Holland & Switzerland & Mati Kones, Architect | Ecotectura, Israel

Uri Gilad studied at HIT, IL and the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam where he graduated with honors under the personal guidance of Prof. Herman Hertzberger. He gained his professional experience while working for Herman Hertzberger and Wingender Hovenier Architecten. During this time he was involved in designing residential and public projects and leading international competitions. In 2010 he joined Wingender Hovenier Architecten as an associate architect. Since 2013 Uri is a partner at office_winhov, Amsterdam. Uri teaches at the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam. Since January 2010 he has been an assistant professor, at the Amsterdam School of Arts on the research project Tectonics in contemporary Brick Architecture. Uri divides his time between Amsterdam and Zurich where he is involved in several projects. One of his current projects is the winning entry for the project Freilager Albisrieden in Zurich, which is a large residential development with 270 apartments under the highest sustainable Swiss standards - Minergie -p- eco.

office_winhov is engaged with the sustainable developments of the European city under the notion that a good building should last a long time. Durable, usable buildings that are firmly anchored in their surroundings are what office_winhov is all about. In 2011 office_winhov won the international Fritz Hoger Prize for 'Sustainable housing' with the project in Nieuwkoop, Netherlands. The office is currently developing an International study about, 'Energy efficiency requirements and housing typology' for the BNA (Royal Institute of Dutch Architects). In 2012 the office was invited to participate in the 13th architecture Biennale in Venice, Common Ground.

Mati Kones, one of the pioneers in passive solar Architecture in Israel, is the 2012 recipient of the International Cook Prize for lifelong achievement in Sustainable Architecture from the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel and the 1994 recipient of the prize from the Council for a Beautiful Israel. Mati holds a Diploma of Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, a M.Sc. in Urban and Regional Planning with specialization in ecological issues from the Technion Institute of Technology, Israel, and was a researcher in the Institute for Desert Research in Sde Boker researching Desert and Solar Architecture with Architects Moshe Safdie, B. Givoni, and Arieh Rachamimof. He was also a visiting research associate at Carnegie-Mellon University (USA) on Urban renewal and Energy Conservation. Mati's practice includes projects in different scales and climatic locations, and more than 100 energy-efficiency retrofits of existing houses. He teaches at Sapir College in Sderot.

The workshop is made possible thanks to the cooperation with the Tel Aviv Municipality City Engineer's Office.

Workshop location: Municipality of Tel Aviv, Engineering Dept. Sderot Ben Gurion 68, Tel Aviv. map
Workshop theme:
The rehabilitation of the Sipolux building on East Tel Aviv - the new headquarters of the 'green' organizations in Tel Aviv.
Workshop Consultants: Tel Aviv Municipality, City Engineer's Office.

W6 : Yael Helfman Cohen & Dr. Daphne Haim Langford | Founders, Israel

Biomimicry Organization, Israel Biomimicry is a multi-discipline that promotes learning and emulating nature's forms, processes and ecosystems to create more sustainable human technologies and design. The meaning of the word Biomimicry is "imitating life" (Bio=life; mimic=imitate). Biomimicry is the science of emulating nature's best biological ideas to solve human problems in many fields including design and architecture. Bio-materials, technologies, and structures are emulating nature's process and models.

Yael Helfman Cohen is a co-founder and general manager of the Israeli Biomimicry Organization, a registered non-profit organization that promotes inventive learning and imitation from nature for sustainable technological designs and applications. Yael holds a M.Sc. degree in management science from the Recanati School of Business Administration, Tel Aviv University and a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering & Management from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Yael is currently a Ph.D candidate in her final stages in the field of biomimetic design (Tel Aviv University).

Dr. Daphne Haim Langford is a co-founder and chairperson of the Israeli Biomimicry Organization and VP Business Development at Xenia Venture Capital leading the life science practice. Daphne has over 15 years of managerial experience. Daphne has been involved in medical device entrepreneurship and specializes in fundraising, strategic planning, marketing, distribution, reimbursement, and product management in the medical device industry. Prior to joining Xenia, Daphne was VP Business Development & Marketing at Medingo. Prior to that, she was General Manager with PerAssist, and Product Manager for Carmel Biosensor. Daphne holds a Ph.D degree in Biotechnology from the Technion - Israel institute of technology.

The workshop is made possible thanks to the cooperation with the Tel Aviv Municipality City Engineer's Office.

Workshop location: Municipality of Tel Aviv, Engineering Dept. Sderot Ben Gurion 68, Tel Aviv. map
Workshop theme:
Design of the edges of South Park in Tel Aviv based on the principles of biomimicry.
Workshop Consultants: Tel Aviv Municipality, City Engineer's Office.

ECOWEEK 2013 MIDDLE EAST Workshop Consultants

Udi Cassif, Architect | Mayslits Kassif Architects, Israel

Udi Kassif graduate of the AA School of Architecture in London, following studies in Vienna and Jerusalem. He founded award winning firm Mayslits Kassif Architects together with Ganit Mayslits Kassif in Tel Aviv in 1994, following a six years period in London where he worked with Raoul Bunschoten and John Pawson. Teaches at the Technion in Haifa, Acma Master Course in Milan, School of Architecture in Malaga and others.
Yoel Siegel, PhD | Community Building in a Global Society, Israel

Dr. Siegel was born in Newton, Mass. and has been living in Israel since 1975. Dr. Siegel received his PhD from the University of Sussex in England. In Safed, he worked as a community center branch director and then as Project Renewal director. In 1982 he worked for the JDC as area head of community development and then went on to establish the Center for Local Economic Development for the Union of Local Authorities. Since 1992, Dr. Siegel has been working as a private consultant and project manager in the field of community development. His specialization is local development linking social dynamics with urban/rural economic advancement. He is currently involved in a variety of projects, including coordinating the Jerusalem regional ecosystem management initiative "URBIS", international development projects in Africa and the Pacific Islands, public private ventures for developing industrial parks, Arab - Jewish partnerships for economic development, community-based employment services for rural communities in Israel, strategic development plans for regional municipalities, and developing community development tools for welfare departments.

Support materials

Review the materials posted in each workshop.
Download: PDF guidelines on green buildings
Link More guidelines on green buildings
Download: PDF Design with Intent: 101 patterns for influencing behavior through design

Download: PDF Guidelines on 'green' building design (Ministry of Environment)
Download: PDF Guidelines on passive solar design (Sde Boker)
Download: PDF Israeli Standard 5281 for 'green' buildings

: PDF guidelines on green buildings
Link More guidelines on green buildings

Link to Matrerials Library, Design Museum Holon.
Beersheva: EPW Energy Plus file
Jerusalem: EPW Energy Plus file
Tel Aviv
: EPW Energy Plus file

Beersheva: Download: EXCEL Environmental Assessment tool
Jerusalem: Download: EXCEL Environmental Assessment tool
Tel Aviv: Download: EXCEL Environmental Assessment tool

Environmental Assessment tool by Zelda Elalouf (ECOWEEK 2010)
PDF General workshop instructions and guidelines

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