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ECOWEEK 2012 Workshop Presentations

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ECOWEEK 2012 Workshops
Registration only

  WORKSHOP THEMES may include:
Urban Sustainability - Including also landsacpe design.
Social Sustainability - Serving/benefiting a local community.
New Building Sustainability - Towards a zero emissions energy-autonomous building.
Existing Building Sustainability - Upgrade, Reuse and Expansion.
Design Sustainability - Combining Design & Building, and Design & light hands-on construction (design-build).

>> ACADEMIC CREDITS: RomaTre students will get credit for your participation. More details here and here


W1 : Elena Barthel, Architect | RURAL STUDIO, Alabama, USA & Dan Price, Architect | TAU Azrieli School of Architecture, Israel & Paolo Cascone, Architect | COdesignLab, France & Italy

Elena Barthel comes to the Rural Studio from the School of Architecture of the University of Florence in Italy, where she graduated in 1999, and recently accomplished her PHD with the thesis 'Design & Build at the Rural Studio: the education of the Citizen Architect'. While she run her private practice in the historical centre of Florence Santo Spirito, a well-known craft district, she taught at the Department of Urban Design of the University of Florence, at the Architectural Association in London and lead Auburn University Study Abroad in Florence for the academic year 2010. In 2008-2009 she taught the Second Year Studio at the Rural Studio as Visiting Assistant Professor. Her studio took the opportunity to design and build Rose Lee's house, in Footwash, a small community near the Rural Studio. The students explored the 'Expandable Courtyard House' as the first of a new type in response to the transient nature and demographic of the contemporary family. She is currently Assistant Professor running the 3rd year design Studio and charged to design the Rural Studio Farm. A project focused on the redesign of the Rural Studio Campus and an opportunity to experiment with the production of food, energy and building material. The project is intended as a prototype to answer the important question: What can the future of farming be in a contemporary rural setting?

Dan Price is a practicing architect living in Tel Aviv. He began his studies in Johannesburg and graduated from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. As partner with Ada Karmi-Melamed, Dan price worked on numerous public and private projects of various scales: from the new Ben Gurion airport to private houses. For the past eight years Dan has taught design at the Azrieli School of Architecture at Tel Aviv University as well as a course on the appropriate use of materials and construction detailing. He has just completed a Masters degree in Environmental Studies through the Porter School at the Tel Aviv University focusing his research on the design of sustainable neighborhoods.. Recently he published a book, co-authored with Ada Karmi-Melamede presenting a critical analysis of architecture in Palestine-Israel during the British mandate (1918-1947).

Paolo Cascone, AA-MA PhD Eng. is an AA-trained architect, born in Naples, who grew up between Italy, East-Africa and West-Indies. Recently, Paolo has been researching and working towards developing an interdisciplinary design methodology in the field of ecologic design. He founded COdesignLab in Paris which is also involved in education and research projects on Urban Ecologies. Paolo is lecturing regularly and widely on his work and research in Schools of Architecture and Engineering. COdesignLab, is an architectural practice and design research lab with a solid experience at the forefront of performance-oriented architecture linking high-tech design with low-tech construction. COdesignLab, based also in Naples, develops projects at different scale and is leading experimental self-construction projects between Africa and Europe, evolving local technologies through a participative approach. and

Workshop brief: Brief | Program

The workshop group will be supported by Simone Ferretti. more

W2 : Jan Johansson | Architect MAA and KEA, Denmark & Ohad Yehieli, Architect | Tel Aviv University School of Architecture, Israel

Jan Johansson is an architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. He graduated in 1993 and has participated in master classes then in Barcelona. He then had his own office and also worked at other studios. Also worked with a housing association, a municipality and project developer at two companies in Copenhagen. Since 2007 he has been a lecturer in architecture and sustainability of the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA). Jan has been visiting professor at Politecnico di Milan Bovisa in 2010. He was workshop leader at ECOWEEK Milan 2011 and Jerusalem 2012.

Ohad Yehieli is an architect living and working in Tel Aviv Jaffa, and leading a design studio at the Tel Aviv University's School of Architecture from which he graduated in 2000. The architectural office, Ohad Yehieli Architects (OYA) is involved with numerous projects in a variety of uses, housing, private residence, commerce and industry. After dealing with the Narrowest House in Tel Aviv Jaffa, barely 3.65 m in width, the firm is happy to be involved and intrigued by the design of projects of challenging conditions.

With the consultation of: Rita Romano Architect PhD Student in City Planning Technique Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering - Sapienza University of Rome Teaching assistant of Prof. P. Colarossi and Prof. C. Mattogno.

Workshop brief: download | Workshop site: download



W4 : Virna Mastrangelo, Landscape Architect | Greenatelier, Italy & Maria Cristina Sorvillo, Architect | Green H LLP, UK & Italy

Virna Mastrangelo is a landscape architect, founder of Greenatelier based in Rome and Naples. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture 'Federico II' in Naples. Student of the German landscape designer Andreas Kipar, (Land, Milan and Duisburg) with whom she has been working consistently; Post graduate diploma in Garden Architecture and Landscape Design from the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa. Has worked on urbanism, urban design, planning and landscape protection, addressing issues of urban renewal, the re-landscaped and ecological and environmental balance of the abandoned industrial areas, and of natural parks.

Maria Cristina Sorvillo, March (Hons), PhD, RIBA Chartered Architect graduated with a Master degree in architecture in Rome (Italy) finalizing her studies with Prof. Enric Miralles in Barcelona (Spain). Received a Ph.D in Design and deepened her research at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. After working as an architect in Italy for more than 10 years she moved to London where she set up The Green H LLP, an architectural practice that specializes in sustainability. Her work has been published extensively. She is a registered architect and a Chartered Member to the Royal Institute of British Architects. Partner - Head of sustainable architecture and design at The Green H LLP with offices in Rome and London.

The workshop will be hosted at: Casa Del Parco, Via del Casaletto 400, Rome

Workshop brief: download

W5 : Francesco Bedeschi, Riccardo Hopps and Andrea Camilletti, Architects, ARCHitects Green Building Alliance & Massimiliano Mandarini , Architect, Designer Marchingenio & Giuseppe Todisco, Architect, Designer, Architettura Sostenibile, Italy

ARCHitects - Established in 2010, ARCHitects Green Building Alliance is a group of young professionals with skills in the field of sustainable architectural design, urban and environmental planning and green building consulting with reference to LEED qualification. Francesco Bedeschi, Riccardo Hopps and Andrea Camilletti have been actively involved since its origin with the Green Building Council Italia. Francesco Bedeschi is a faculty with the University of Arkansas Rome Study Center, and a member of the executive board of GBC Italia, Riccardo Hopps is the chair of the Chapter Lazio and Andrea Camilletti is the vice-chair of the Chapter Lazio.

Massimiliano Mandarini Architect - Designer, consultant and coordinator of various projects is active in the public and private sector. Professor at the Laboratory Third Year Degree, School of Design and School of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, he is an expert in sustainable development, energy efficiency, eco-architecture, design for local development and better use of land and cultural and environmental resources. Board member of Green Building Council Italia. Marchingenio srl develops and improves sustainability's culture in projects with special attention to people and the environment.

Giuseppe Todisco, Architect, Designer and professor at several Schools of Architecture, founded "Architettura Sostenibile" in 2007 for the research, study and design of eco-compatible architecture, including integration of renewable energy systems. Giuseppe won several competitions, among them the Sun Tower in Beijin, China and the Area Ex-Pezzullo in Eboli. Giuseppe has published several works including the newly published M.A.R.S. 2012 -

Workshop brief: download
W7 : Luca Diffuse, Architect | Writing Extended Explanations, Italy

Luca Diffuse is an architect and a writer. In 2010 I launched Writing Extended Explanations, his Rome-based architecture firm. He likes to work on small projects, Architecture that fosters a poetic approach to urban public space, writing short stories and turn them into projects, by which he delicately introduces the most indispensable sensibility of contemporary architectural research in people's lives. Some of his projects include Greenhouse Outtakes and Headphones Park, contests such as A Lo-fi Nature, workshops like Wild Grass, and art galleries in Rome. He has received recognition for his work and was awarded in competitions. He also engages in research through platforms, such as Lo-fi Architecture - that produce books, exhibitions, and workshops.

Workshop brief: download | The workshop will be hosted at ACCENT (see map)
W8 : Fabio Cibinel & Roberto Laurenti & Giorgio Martocchia, Architects | Modostudio, Italy

Modostudio cibinel laurenti martocchia architetti associati, located in Rome, is a multidisciplinary practice of architecture, urban planning and industrial design. Modostudio combines architectural theory, research, innovation and experimentation with high technical knowledge and professionalism. Established at the end of 2006 by three principal architects, Fabio Cibinel, Roberto Laurenti, and Giorgio Martocchia, after many years of collaborating with internationally acclaimed architects like Massimiliano Fuksas, Piero Sartogo, Erik Van Egeraat and Kas Oosterhuis, modostudio in a short time was awarded and shortlisted in many international architectural competitions. Modostudio projects include a 13.500 sqm office building and a logistics center in Nola, Italy. Other projects include a research foundation in Laives, Brazil, an high technology research building in Rome and an urban plan for the Ex fonderie Riunite area in Modena.

Workshop brief: download

W9 : Orizzontale, Italy

Orizzontale is an open collective based in Rome and focused on urban actions that help to redefine the heterogeneous fields that compound the public areas of the city. Its main research theme is the process of renovating areas of wasteland within the city, in terms of space, material and ideas. Orizzontale intends to react to the idea of privatization that covers the public space through a DIY mode of creating new and self-organised common urban spaces.

Workshop brief: download

W10 : Massimo Acito, Architect & Marco Burrascano, Architect & Luca Catalano, Landscape Architect & Annalisa Metta, Landscape Architect & Luca Reale, Architect & Caterina Rogai, Architect | OSA Architettura e Paesaggio, Italy & Living Urban Scape (LUS) Italy

OSA Architettura e Paesaggio is an architecture, urban and landscape design office, set up in 2007 in Rome. Through design, OSA aims to integrate the various components of habitat: buildings and urban planning, indoor and outdoor spaces and people behaviours. OSA is engaged in architecture and urban design, from housing to public buildings, assuming city design as an essential background. Among OSA projects are projects for gardens, parks, urban public spaces, rural districts, site plans, focusing on physical as well immaterial components of contemporary landscape.

Living Urban Scape (LUS) is a national research project that aims to explore new way of design, acting and living in urban public open spaces. The research is carried on by a multi-disciplinary group of architects, landscape architects and sociologists based in Rome and in Venice. LUS practice is founded on an ongoing co-action and cooperation with the inhabitants, preserving and discovering the value of their territory.

Workshop brief: download

W11 : Nina Artioli & Alessandra Glorialanza & Eliana Saracino, Architects | TSPOON, Italy

T SPOON was established in 2004 in Rome. It develops projects, exhibitions and editorial initiatives. The aim, through a research that goes "from the teaspoon to the city", is to approach spatial and human relations, defining multiple and simultaneous study fields, and to act as a catalyst of the transformation processes of human-space systems at every level of complexity. T SPOON operates at the intersection of three elements: City, Landscape, and Infrastructure. T SPOON has been awarded several national and international competitions as Greater Helsinki Vision 2050 and menoepiu 5, promoted by the Municipality of Rome, for the project of facilities and public spaces within the urban transformation program Paglian Casale - Parco Radicelli. T SPOON's work has been presented at IV IABR-International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2009 in occasion of Squat City, at Attraversamenti 09- Biennale diffusa di Architettura Contemporanea and in the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2010, Shanghai.

Workshop brief: download

W12 : Luca Montuori & Riccardo Petrachi, Architects | 2Tr Architettura, Italy

Luca Montuori and Riccardo Petrachi established 2tr architettura in 2000 as the evolution of a shared experience based on the theme that the project faces, as well as how to approach the project itself. The strong question of defining the theme of their work, is always against the need to declare their position in comparison of their research. The core of their research is not based on "already done" way, but rather on the sharing of different points of view on the project, to better identify possible, different and alternative ways. The projects focus on outdoor space as a set of relationships, complex system, and from which comes the awareness of not being able to act only on the physical space but on a mix of weight, finances, dimensions, opinions, uses and feelings.

The workshop will be held in collaboration with Promo_legno Association for the promotion of timber in Italy.

Workshop brief: The workshop will be dealing with a center for immigrant housing and training. The project is a real project involving Regione Lazio (most probably also Provincia di Roma) and Casa Africa organization. The project will involve the renovation of an existing building to become a center / 'shelter' for immigrants. The center will include temporary housing and a center for training. The budget for the project is estimated at 400,000 euro. The challenge is to: (a) Suggest an abandoned building that can become that shelter. (b) Be able to propose a design solution within a very limited budget - by utilizing reclaimed / re-used resources and materials and perhaps inviting volunteers and donors to help in-kind. (c) Very likely to have the opportunity to continue working on the project after ECOWEEK (not yet guaranteed). download
Focus seminar on 25th at h.18.00 (registration only)
"Good practice case study: Archicamp Lome 2012, L'Africaine d'architceture. Coworking space in Africa. Low-Architecture and Hight technologies"
Speaker: Eleonora Cuscina, Professional engineer in the fields of Architecture and Planning
Interviewer: Giorgio Scavino, european project expert - GreenItNet technical assistant
Open conversation
In collaboration: - L'Africaine d'architecture Coordinator: Koffi Sename Agbodjinou

W13 : Paolo Cannata & Linda Gaia Roncaglia, Architects | dAM Studio di Architettura Materia e Ambiente, Italy

Studio dAM was established in 2006 as a merger of the professional experiences of architects Paolo Cannata, Linda Gaia Roncaglia and Marco Scarpa (until 2011). Each focused on architectural research and practice on a different goal, including landscape architecture, urban planning and public spaces. The team offers services in multiple fields, and produces works both in the field of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Paolo Cannata, after graduating in Rome in 2002, carries out professional practice and research on urban and landscape issues. Linda Gaia Roncaglia, graduated in Rome in 2000, has developed several projects of renovation and construction, and has participated in various competitions. Received a doctorate degree in 2007 from the Faculty of Architecture, Naples, and has been teaching since 2002 at the University of Alghero, L'Aquila, Rome (La Sapienza), and RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts) In 2010 studio dAM has been rewarded NIB landscape prize for its work on quarry landscapes restoration.

Workshop brief: download
W15 : Federica Caccavale & Alessandro Casadei & Paolo Pineschi | AKA Architects, Italy
THEME: A & B & D

AKA is an architectural practice founded in Rome in 2001 by Federica Caccavale, Alessandro Casadei and Paolo Pineschi. For the past 11 years AKA has been engaged in numerous projects in various scales, from urban masterplanning to interior and temporary exhibitions design, with particular attention to environmental sustainability. AKA has participated in national and international architectural competitions, winning and receiving numerous acknowledgments, for example 1st prizes in: the Cetes competition for a TV center in Reggio Calabria; the project of Caselle Torinese new City Hall; for an ecological house prototype to be commercialized In Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Also prizes for the Monserrato University Building in Cagliari, the extension of Farnesina High School in Rome, the Felino Didactic centre in Italy, and others.

Workshop brief: download | Site info: download 7.8 MB
  No more workshops will be posted.

ECOWEEK 2012 Workshops
Support Team | Registration only

Simone Ferretti, Architect

Simone Ferretti (Rome-1968) Architect, member AIAPP. In the period 2000-2003 coordinates the implementation of the construction works for the new "Auditorium Parco della Musica" in Rome. Since 2004, he has opened the study of architecture and has signed several projects in the field of urban design and landscape characterized by participatory approach. In 2006 he won the "Ortus Artis contest" at the Certosa di Padula with the "Archi-Pelagus" group. From 2007 to 2011 he was the Director of Landscape in NEWITALIANBLOOD.COM portal. Since 2010 onwards he has been a member of the editorial board of the magazine "Architettura del Paesaggio". At present he takes part to the directory of Urban Park of Monte Ciocci in Rome, a projected and designed work in 2006-2007. He his operating in the recovery of the system of the ancient forts in Rome. |

Simone Ferretti consults workshop group W1.

Camilla Bevilacqua, Environmental Engineer | ARUP
Matteo Orlandi
, Engineer | ARUP

Camilla Bevilacqua is an environmental engineer in the Europe & Building Division in Arup Italia (Milan). Camilla works in services system design, environmental sustainability of building and low energy systems. Her work experience is both in Building Physics, Sustainability , Building Services design and masterplan. In the last two years Camilla has gained experience on dynamic thermal modelling of building performances, natural ventilation strategies, advances solar shading and lighting analysis using software like Design Builder, Energy Plus ,Ecotect and IES . She is very keen on services design and high-performance mechanical systems, on simulation software for natural ventilation systems and design strategies for low-energy buildings.

Matteo Orlandi is an Engineer at Arup Milan. His fields of expertise are Facade Engineering and Building Physics. He joined Arup Facade Engineering in London in January 2008 after two years experience as researcher in the Building Physics Department at the ITC-CNR, Construction Technologies Institute of National Research Council in Milan. Since 2009 he is based in the Milan Office. During his work and studies he focused on the technology, energy and environmental aspects, developing a specialised knowledge of Building Physics and skills on building technologies, detail design of building components and envelope materials properties assessment. He is currently dedicated to the design and performance assessment of complex facade systems and how they can adapt to climate changes and occupants behaviour. This includes skills related to the assessment of energy, thermal and daylighting performance, in addition to the facade detailing and materials properties characterisation. He has a good knowledge of the italian and european facade suppliers market, of the most innovative glass and cladding materials production technologies in addition to the experience in budget analysis and facade procurement. Besides, he is project manager in facade projects, consultancy appointments and in european research projects.

ARUP is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services. Arup brings together broad-minded individuals from a wide range of disciplines and encourages them to look beyond the constraints of their own specialisms. Arup influences many people's lives through its projects. Shaping a sustainable future will be one of the greatest challenges in the 21st century. Arup is rising to the challenge: investing in research, innovating and creating better solutions for its clients and the wider world. The firm is owned in trust on behalf of its staff. The result is an independence of spirit that is reflected in the firm's work, and in its dedicated pursuit of technical excellence.

Michelle Farrell, Architect | IES

Michelle Farrell is the Head of the European Division for Integrated Environmental Solutions, Ltd. She attended Boston Architectural College, where she received both a Bachelors of Design Studies and Masters of Architecture. Michelle was named to the Consulting Specifying Engineer 2011 "40 under 40" list, is a LEED Accredited Professional, and has taught various courses in BIM and integrated analysis. After working for over 6 years in various architecture firms in the USA as an architectural designer, she began to analyze the 3D building models using performance analysis tools. Michelle has experience as a consultant in the USA and in Europe, including LEED consulting, and working directly with some of the top engineering and architecture firms in the USA and Europe to develop solutions that can be part of their normal design process, through the use of BIM models.

Building Performance Analysis using Google SKETCHUP & IES: BIM and Early Stage Analysis: These sessions provide an overview on how architects and designers can bring analysis for sustainable strategies to the earliest stages of the building design process using an Integrated Building Performance Model approach. Through the direct connectivity and import capabilities offered by IES software to other CAD/BIM systems, such as SketchUp and Revit, participants will experience how analysis can be integrated into their workflow, keeping sustainable design on-track. Attendees will be introduced to the process of analysing various building parameters, like energy consumption, daylighting and LEED assessments.

DOWNLOAD and install the software prior to the training session: click here NOTICE: In the NOTE write 'ECOWEEK' to receive a one-year free student license to use the software.

ECOWEEK 2012 Workshops
Support Materials | Registration only

Links to be posted shortly.
Download PDF Protocollo della Qualita Urbana di Roma Capitale per la Rigenerazione Sostenibile (Italian)

: PDF guidelines on green buildings
Link More guidelines on green buildings
Site of Green Building Council Italia
Download: PDF Design with Intent: 101 patterns for influencing behavior through design

More links to be posted.
Rome, Italy : Energy Plus files
PDF General workshop instructions and guidelines
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About ECOWEEK Workshops

ECOWEEK WORKSHOPS are an integral component of the ECOWEEK International Conference since 2008. Workshops for young architects and students of Architecture have been taking place since 2009.

ECOWEEK Workshops are the international annual high-profile architectural event organized by ECOWEEK, labeled by its participants as 'one of the best programs for young professionals in Europe.' The ECOWEEK 'green' design workshops give the opportunity to young professionals and graduate students of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Design and Engineering, but also of other professions, to work side by side with established, known or emerging architects, designers, landscape archiects and engineers from around the world, and to learn together the principles of 'green' Architecture and sustainable design.

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