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Site Visits

ECOWEEK includes site visits as an integral part of the ECOWEEK International Conference and Workshops experience and a tangible way to both learn more about the place ECOWEEK is taking place, and to see solutions and ideas implemented 'in the real world'.. Read...


ECOWEEK 2012: Site Visits

The first urban strawbale house Quadraro, Rome, Italy, under costruction

Construction work started in late January, but already walking through the streets of Quadraro, in Rome, you may notice a curious building that instead of the classic brick is made from bales of straw. The distinctive feature of this project is not just about construction techniques and materials used, but also the ways in which it was made. It is, in fact, a shared site that allows young professionals, eager to learn this new technique, to participate in the construction of the building. Our goal is also to debunk the conventional wisdom that wants to build strawbale house is suitable only in rural contexts. It is, in fact, of a material also valid for the urban context. More

Sunday September 30, 2012 at 11:00.
Visit guide: Paolo Robazza BAG officinamobile (architects of the project).
Meeting place: Via Columella 29, Rome.
Participation is limited to 25 REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS only. Registration will take place at the registration desk Monday, September 24.

This site visit was organized thanks to our cooperation with Open City Roma.
The first "sustainable building" in Rome, Casal Bertone, , Rome, Italy, under costruction

The project by Redais in Casal Bertone in Rome is the first example of a construction philosophy that not only offers a high quality of lifestyle, but to create the first "sustainable building" in Rome. The building was designed to create a space for human comfort, by combining construction techniques of high energy efficiency and the use of materials and details of high quality, such as large windows and balconies. High level comfort is achieved by construction techniques applied with particular attention to thermal insulation and acoustic, finishes that meet certain requirements such as the fixtures of Schuco CLASS A certificates, floor heating to reduce consumption and free the walls, and solar panels to produce 50% of domestic hot water needs. To further increase comfort, all apartments are equipped with "My Home" BTICINO automation, which automatically controls security systems and shutters, tempreratures, curtain screens, lighting and irrigation system. More

Sunday September 30, 2012 at 10:00.
Visit guide: Arch. Chiara Piermartiri & Arch. Benedetta Sigillo Redais
Meeting place: Via di Casal Bertone 78, Rome.
Participation is limited to 25 REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS only. Registration will take place at the registration desk Monday, September 24.

This site visit was organized thanks to our cooperation with Open City Roma.
Historic Site Visit in Rome

A very special site visit for those you know and for those that don't know Rome by an expert architect. For students visiting from abroad this site visit is a must! :)

Date: Saturday 29 September, at 14:00
Visit guide: Arch. Francesco Bedeschi
Meeting place: ECOWEEK presentations at Roma Tre in Testaccio
Participation is limited to 30 REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS only.

Registration will take place at University of Arkansas Rome Center on Thursday, September 27.


ECOWEEK 2009 & 2010 & 2011
included a number of special guided tours to the former international airport of Athens at Hellinikon guided by Landscape Architect Thomas Doxiadis; to the new recycling factory by Envitec SA at A. Liosia; a guided tour to the passive-solar offices of Meletitiki with award-winning architect Alexandros Tombazis; a guided tour and lecture about the first energy autonomous building in Greece courtesy of Sol Energy Hellas; a tour at a windfarm in Attica guided by Vestas SA - manufacturer of the wind turbines; a guided visit to the methane biogas factoray at A. Liosia courtesy of BEAL SA; a visit to one of the first green roofs of Athens, on top of the OSE building in the center of Athens, courtesy of Landco SA.; the new seafront of Thessaloniki by Nififoridis Cuomo Architects, the new Student Residence at the American Farm School by P. Makridis Architect, a visit to the Leonardo DaVinci exhibition in Thessaloniki, and more.

In the Middle East, guided site visits included the new city Rawabi next to Ramallah in Palestine. In Milano, Italy, site visits included a visit to the urban park Boscoincitta, with architect Alessandro Ferrari and Agronimist Sergio Pellizzoni, Milena Bertacchi, and Silvio Anderloni, a visit to the former cement factory of Italcementi in Bergamo with architect Massimiliano Mandarini, and a visit to the Garibaldi Repubblica, Puorta Nuova project in Milano, with architect Alessandro Trivelli.

ECOWEEK 2008 included a special site visit to the New Acropolis Museum in Athens, immediately after its completion, and one year before it was officially opened to the public. The site visit was guided by architect Michael Photiadis, who, together with architect Bernard Tchumi, designed the new museum.

ECOWEEK 2005 & 2006 & 2007 included guided site visits to passive solar and ecological houses with architects Alexandros Tombazis and Kostas Tsipiras in Aegina island.

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ECOWEEK thanks its partners for making ECOWEEK 2012 possible and successful.
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