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ECOWEEK has initiated, invited and hosted lectures by a number of internationally acclaimed speakers, specialists and leaders in their field. Among the ECOWEEK distinguished speakers are Nobel Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore, speaker at ECOWEEK 2007 on Global Warming, at the Athens Concert Hall in June 2007 (in cooperation with Megaron Plus); UK explorer and leadership expert Robert Swan, OBE ECOWEEK 2007 opening keynote speaker, at the Benaki Museum in Athens (in collaboration with the British Council).


ECOWEEK 2012: Public Lectures
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Keynote & Distinguished Speakers

For schedule see ECOWEEK 2012 Program

Kengo Kuma , Architect | Japan

Kengo Kuma was born in 1954. He completed his master's degree at the University of Tokyo in 1979. From 1985 to 1986, he studied at Columbia University as Visiting Scholar. He established Kengo Kuma & Associates 1990. He taught at Keio University from 2001 to 2008, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2008, and in 2009, he was installed as Professor at the Graduate School of Architecture, University of Tokyo.

Among Kuma's major works are Kirosan Observatory (1995), Water/Glass (1995, received AIA Benedictus Award), Stage in Forest, Toyoma Center for Performance Arts (received 1997 Architectural Institute of Japan Annual Award), Stone Museum (received International Stone Architecture Award 2001), Bato-machi Hiroshige Museum (received The Murano Prize). Recent works include Great Bamboo Wall (2002, Beijing, China), Nezu Museum (2009, Tokyo), Yusuhara Marche and Wooden Bridge Museum (2010). A number of large projects are also going on abroad, including arts centre in Besancon City, France, Granada, Spain, and a new Victoria & Albert Museum building in Dundee, Scotland U.K..

He was awarded the International Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award in 2002 (Finland), International Architecture Awards for the Best New Global Design for "Chokkura Plaza and Shelter" in 2007, and Energy Performance + Architectutre Award in 2008 (France). He is an International Fellow of RIBA, UK, and Honorary Fellow of AIA in the US. Kengo Kuma is also a prolific writer / critic and his books have been translated into English, Chinese and other languages.

With the hospitality of the American Academy in Rome.
Elena Barthel, Architect | RURAL STUDIO, Alabama, USA

Elena Barthel comes to the Rural Studio from the School of Architecture of the University of Florence in Italy, where she graduated in 1999, and recently accomplished her PHD with the thesis 'Design & Build at the Rural Studio: the education of the Citizen Architect'. While she run her private practice in the historical centre of Florence Santo Spirito, a well-known craft district, she taught at the Department of Urban Design of the University of Florence, at the Architectural Association in London and lead Auburn University Study Abroad in Florence for the academic year 2010. In 2008-2009 she taught the Second Year Studio at the Rural Studio as Visiting Assistant Professor. Her studio took the opportunity to design and build Rose Lee's house, in Footwash, a small community near the Rural Studio. The students explored the 'Expandable Courtyard House' as the first of a new type in response to the transient nature and demographic of the contemporary family. She is currently Assistant Professor running the 3rd year design Studio and charged to design the Rural Studio Farm. A project focused on the redesign of the Rural Studio Campus and an opportunity to experiment with the production of food, energy and building material. The project is intended as a prototype to answer the important question: What can the future of farming be in a contemporary rural setting?

In cooperation and with the support of the US Embassy and the hospitality of the American Academy in Rome.

Ulf Meyer, Architect | Ingenhoven Architects, Germany

Ulf Meyer is an architect, partner in the architecture office of Ingenhoven Architects in German. Graduated from the Technical University (TU) of Berlin as Master of Architecture, and studied-abroad at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago, Ill. with the international IIT Fellowship and the Academic Scholarship of the Federal Republic of Germany. He is Distinguished Hyde Chair of Excellence for sustainable urban design at the University of Nebraska/Lincoln. Ulf is a member of the FuturArc Forum for Green Building in Southeast-Asia and Australia, correspondent for Central Europe for "World Architecture" magazine, London, UK, and Editor at "archplus" architectural magazine in Berlin. Ulf has lectured at universities all over Europe, the USA and Canada as well as Japan, China, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan. He has taught at the Bauhaus Graduate School of Design in Dessau/Germany and at summer schools with the Middle Eastern Technical University of Ankara/Turkey, the Georgia Institute of Technology of Atlanta/Georgia, the Rice Design Alliance of Houston/Texas and the University of Kansas Lawrence/Kansas (USA). Ulf has published over 1,000 articles in newspapers and magazines in Germany and abroad. He appeared on Radio, TV and Internet broadcast. Some of his texts have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch and English. Ulf was the keynote speaker at the Green Build Conference in Phoenix/AZ 2009 and at the BCA in Singapore 2011.

In cooperation and with the support of the Embassy of Germany and the Goethe Institute.

Alessandra Faticanti, Architect & Roberto (Bebo) Ferlito, Architect | Nabito Architects and Partneres SLP, Italy

Alessandra Faticanti, Architect graduated from Sapienza University of Rome in 2002, including a period of studies at L'Ecole polytechnique Belleville de Paris (France). Since 2002, she is registered as an architect at COAC Barcelona. Faticanti collaborated in various professional studies as the project supervisor. In 2006, Faticanti founded Nabito Architects and partners in Barcelona. The same year, she won an award for the top twenty young architects in Europe, NOUVEAUX ALBUMS DES JEUNES ARCHITECTES, presented by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of France. Faticanti was an Assistant Professor at the Architecture Department of Sapienza University of Rome in 2004, a Visiting Professor at Institute for Advanced Architecture at Catalunya IAAC where she taught on the subject Genocities, Logica Abierta in 2006. From 2010 she is a member of the technical equipe of the Generalitat de Catalunya for the new development of the social services in the region.

Roberto (Bebo) Ferlito, Architect graduated from Sapienza University of Rome in 2002, after having spent a part of his studies at Faculteit Toegepaste Wetenschappen of Gent in Belgium. In 2006, Ferlito founded Nabito Architects and Partners in Barcelona. The same year, he won an award for the top twenty young architects in Europe, NOUVEAUX ALBUMS DES JEUNES ARCHITECTES, presented by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of France. In 2009 he won the award Cavalierato Giovanile, presented by the Province of Rome, for the category of art and architecture. Since 2005 Ferlito has taught at the Architecture Department of Sapienza University, at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya IAAC where he collaborated with Professor/Architect Manuel Gausa, at the University of Politecnic of Catalunya, Barcelona, at the Architecture Department at the University of Trento, and IUAV in Venezia. From 2010 he is a member of the technical equipe of the Generalitat De Catalunya for the new development of the social services in the region.

NABITO architects is a group of more then 20 architects and engineers, born in Barcelona from the will and courage of the architects Alessandra Faticanti and Roberto Ferlito in 2007.
MariaLuisa Palumbo, Architect | McLuhan Program, Toronto University, Italy

MariaLuisa Palumbo, architect and senior fellow of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology of Toronto University, author of New Wombs, Electronic bodies and architectural disorder (Birkhauser, 2000) and Architettura Produttiva. Principi di progettazione ecologica (Maggioli 2012). Since 2003, she direct the Master di Architettura Digitale at the Italian National Institute of Architecture (IN/ARCH) in Rome. In 2004 she founded Romalab, Laboratorio di Architettura Relazionale, a research laboratory focused on the issue of public space and the search of new strategies for the development of the contemporary city. Her book New Wombs has been translated in english and chinois and her essays have been published in several collective books: Architettura e Cultura Digitale, Skira 2003; La conquista del Tempo, Editori Riuniti 2003; Mediazioni. Spazi, linguaggi e soggettivita delle reti, Costa & Nolan 2005; Media Corpi Saperi, Franco Angeli 2006, Per un'architettura come ecologia umana studiosi a confronto, Jaca Book 2010. Since 2010 she collaborates with Domusweb.
Marialuisa Palumbo is a partner-organizer of ECOWEEK in Rome.
Tom Rankin , Architect | Studio Rome, Italy

Tom Rankin is the founder and director of Studio Rome, a design firm devoted to research and practice of environmentally sustainable architecture and urbanism. He practices architecture and teaches at the at Universita di Roma "La Sapienza" (School of Engineering) and coordinates the University of Minnesota Rome architecture program for Accent. He received his Master's in Architecture at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, a BA in Architecture at Princeton, and a "Laurea" in Architecture at Universita di Roma 'La Sapienza'. Since moving to Italy in 1991 he has worked extensively in architecture, cultural heritage, environmental and cultural sustainability and digital media. He was founder of the successful non-profit cultural travel association Scala Reale and continues to support culturally and environmentally sustainable travel as a partner in Context Travel. From 2002 until 2008 he was President of the American Institute for Roman Culture, a non-profit organization he co-founded. He has written articles and presented frequently at conferences. His blog on the Still Sustainable City is a reference point for sustainable urbanism in Rome.

Paolo Cascone, Architect | COdesignLab, France & Italy

Paolo Cascone, AA-MA PhD Eng. is an AA-trained architect, born in Naples, who grew up between Italy, East-Africa and West-Indies. Recently, Paolo has been researching and working towards developing an interdisciplinary design methodology in the field of ecologic design. He founded COdesignLab in Paris which is also involved in education and research projects on Urban Ecologies. Paolo is lecturing regularly and widely on his work and research in Schools of Architecture and Engineering. COdesignLab, is an architectural practice and design research lab with a solid experience at the forefront of performance-oriented architecture linking high-tech design with low-tech construction. COdesignLab, based also in Naples, develops projects at different scale and is leading experimental self-construction projects between Africa and Europe, evolving local technologies through a participative approach. and
Francesco Bedeschi, Architect | University of Arkansas & GBC Italia, Italy

Francesco Bedeschi is an architect and professor of integrated architectural design and historic preservation with the Italian Program of the University of Arkansas Rome Center. He is also the site coordinator of the program of study in Italy at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, State of New York. During the academic year of 2007-2008 he was a visiting Assisting Professor at Mississippi State University in Jackson, MS. Francesco is an international member of the American Institute of Architects. He has been involved in the GBC Italia since May 2008. He was elected Chair in 2010, and recently, appointed Executive Member of the National Board of GBC Italia with responsibility on education and local chapters. Francesco has been actively involved in the LEED Italia rating system development. In addition to sharing his great experience with american architecture students through sites of culture and history in various parts of Italy, he is also consulting several LEED projects in Italy.
Francesco Bedeschi is a partner-organizer of ECOWEEK in Rome.

Giuseppe Todisco, Architect | University of Arkansas & GBC Italia, Italy

Giuseppe Todisco graduated in Architecture in Rome in 1989, and since 1990 has been teaching Architecture at Design programs in Bari, Reggio Calabria, Genoa. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Palermo on the topic of design in Los Angeles, California. He founded "Sustainable Architecture" in 2007 for research, development and eco-environmental design of buildings integrated with systems powered by renewable sources, winning thematic competitions including the International Competition for the Solar Tower in Beijing, China and the Competition for the Redevelopment of the Former Pezzullo at Eboli (SA), Italy. Since 2009 he held teaching positions in Design on Renewable Energy for the Province of Rome. Adviser for IGEAM, ALTAN Italy and other companies. He has been instrumental in the drafting of major International Conferences organized by the Municipality of Rome, the Lazio Region, the Fiera di Bolzano, the Citadel Mediterranean Science of Bari, and others. From 2011 plays dissemination activities of the Covenant of Mayors (UE) of Italy. He has published numerous articles, and this year he published M.A.R.S. (Handbook of Sustainable Residential Architecture) by Alinea-Florence.
Camilla Bevilacqua, Environmental Engineer | ARUP, UK

Camilla Bevilacqua is an environmental engineer in the Europe & Building Division in Arup Italia (Milan). Camilla works in services system design, environmental sustainability of building and low energy systems. Her work experience is both in Building Physics, Sustainability , Building Services design and masterplan. In the last two years Camilla has gained experience on dynamic thermal modelling of building performances, natural ventilation strategies, advances solar shading and lighting analysis using software like Design Builder, Energy Plus ,Ecotect and IES . She is very keen on services design and high-performance mechanical systems, on simulation software for natural ventilation systems and design strategies for low-energy buildings.

Gabriele Guala, Civil Engineer | Italcementi, Italy

Gabriele Guala, civil engineer graduated from Politecnico di Milano in 1997, is working since 1999 in Italcementi Group, Real Estate Italian Department. After working in real estate evaluating and selling operations, in the last years he has also been envolved in development of disused industrial sites. From 2005 since 2012 he collaborated with RMP studio, Abitech and Politecnico di Milano to obtain the LEED certification of i.lab project, the new Italcementi Innovation and Research Laboratories located in Bergamo.

For lectures schedule see ECOWEEK 2012 Program


ECOWEEK 2012: Workshop Lectures
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Training Session

Michelle Farrell, Architect | IES

Michelle Farrell is the Head of the European Division for Integrated Environmental Solutions, Ltd. She attended Boston Architectural College, where she received both a Bachelors of Design Studies and Masters of Architecture. Michelle was named to the Consulting Specifying Engineer 2011 "40 under 40" list, is a LEED Accredited Professional, and has taught various courses in BIM and integrated analysis. After working for over 6 years in various architecture firms in the USA as an architectural designer, she began to analyze the 3D building models using performance analysis tools. Michelle has experience as a consultant in the USA and in Europe, including LEED consulting, and working directly with some of the top engineering and architecture firms in the USA and Europe to develop solutions that can be part of their normal design process, through the use of BIM models.

IES, Ltd. is a world leader in precision, intelligent sustainability solutions for every factor in making new and existing buildings more energy efficient, dramatically reducing operating overheads, and lowering CO2 emissions. Their consultative input is so innovative and analytical software so accurate that they're significantly reducing the carbon emissions of the built environment through the work of their architecture and engineering clients, as well as their own consulting services.

Building Performance Analysis using Google SKETCHUP & IES

BIM and Early Stage Analysis:
These sessions provide an overview on how architects and designers can bring analysis for sustainable strategies to the earliest stages of the building design process using an Integrated Building Performance Model approach. Through the direct connectivity and import capabilities offered by IES software to other CAD/BIM systems, such as SketchUp and Revit, participants will experience how analysis can be integrated into their workflow, keeping sustainable design on-track. Attendees will be introduced to the process of analysing various building parameters, like energy consumption, daylighting and LEED assessments.

DOWNLOAD and install the software prior to the training session: click here NOTICE: In the NOTE write 'ECOWEEK' to receive a one-year free student license to use the software.
  For lectures schedule please see ECOWEEK 2012 PROGRAM

ECOWEEK speakers

ECOWEEK has initiated, invited and hosted lectures by a number of internationally acclaimed speakers, specialists and leaders in their field. Among the ECOWEEK distinguished speakers are Nobel Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore, speaker at ECOWEEK 2007 on Global Warming, at the Athens Concert Hall in June 2007 (in cooperation with Megaron Plus); UK explorer and leadership expert Robert Swan, OBE ECOWEEK 2007 opening keynote speaker, at the Benaki Museum in Athens (in cooperation with the British Council).

Since ECOWEEK 2010 ECOWEEK keynote speakers included award-winning architects Diebedo Francis Kere, Bjarke Ingels of BIG, award-winning architect Francoise-Helene Jourda, architect Daniel Pearl (L'OEUF, Canada), architects Elena Barthel and Daniel Wicke of the Rural Studio, award-winning architect George Hargreaves, environmentalist and 'green' design expert Prof. David W. Orr (Oberlin College), German architect Ulf Meyer of Ingenhoven Architects, and Danish architect Louis Becker of Henning Larsen Architects.

'ECOWEEK 2009: Empowering Youth: Ecology + Leadership + Architecture' International Conference in Athens, hosted keynote lectures by award-winning architect Shigeru Ban, and UK award-winning architect Ivan Harbour (Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners).

'ECOWEEK 2008: Ecology + Environment + Architecture' International Conference in collaboration with AIAContinental Europe, keynote speakers were 'green' skyscraper and author architect Ken Yeang, and Landscape Designer Julie Bargmann, at the Cotsen Hall of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. In 2008 ECOWEEK also hosted the director of the architectural documentary Last Call for Planet Earth Jacques Allard, award-winning Greek architect Alexandros Tombazis and others.

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