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Your Feedback on ECOWEEK 2012 in Rome

'When I signed up I did not quite know what to expect. I thought we would design a building just like in school. But the workshop was different, we designed, we built it and then the community came! It was a real surprise and quite amazing how it all came together!'

'We started building and marking the street and people were coming up to us asking what we were doing - why were we painting the pavement. When we explained to them, they were very happy. A neighbor gave us electricity and helped us find wood. Children came and wanted to help paint.'

'We really learned that with very few resources we can add value to the city!'

'What attracted me to ECOWEEK was the opportunity to design out of the usual university courses and environmental issues.'

'ECOWEEK is like a laboratory of design, where students can get an actual idea of practice of what is the reality of Architeture. ECOWEEK should be known to all architectural university programs!'

'I really liked the idea of collaboration with professionals; also the ecological aspects of the projects and the practical phase of the workshops.'

'ECOWEEK was a great opportunity!'

'I was attracted to ECOWEEK by the theme of sustainability and the fact that it is a truly international workshop!'

'ECOWEEK in Rome was perfect!'


Registration Fees



Local students

Visiting students

** Graduation gift: 2012 graduates pay student rate!
* Registration fees in EURO only.

Registration from July 16, 2012
ECOWEEK.NET members: (who is a NET member?)
125 euro | Students (from July 16, 2012)
175 euro | Young professionals (from July 16, 2012)

Non-ECOWEEK.NET members:
(how to become a NET member?)
175 euro | Students (from July 16, 2012)
200 euro | Young professionals (from July 16, 2012)

ECOWEEK.NET members:

100 euro | Students (till July 15, 2012)
150 euro | Young professionals (till July 15, 2012)
Non-ECOWEEK.NET members:
150 euro | Students (till July 15 , 2012)
200 euro | Young professionals (till July 15 , 2012)

Workshops, lectures, site visit(s), and keynote lectures only. Does not include transportation to and from the workshop and conference venues, unless otherwise announced in the program. Also, ECOWEEK does not distribute lecture print-outs. Participants are encouraged to keep notes during the lectures and professional presentations.

Discounts available for local students who wish to host visiting students from outside the city or from abroad. Upon availability only.

Upon availability, hosted accommodation and recommended hotels and hostels please review relevant information posted below. Accommodation is NOT INCLUDED in the registration fee and is not the responsibility of ECOWEEK.


Accommodation & Transportation

Accommodation and Transportation (to, from, between venues and workshop locations) are not included in the ECOWEEK registration fee and is not included in the services provided by ECOWEEK. ECOWEEK participants are responsible to find their own accommodation, and their own means of transportation. ECOWEEK does not have a conference hotel, but may suggest hotels or hostels for visiting participants. Visit our FACEBOOK PAGE (see below). Booking and travel arrangments are made directly by the participants.

HOST OR HOSTED: ECOWEEK may suggest the possibility of hosting or being hosted. This does not apply to all ECOWEEK events, all countries and all cities. Availability, if any, will be posted in the ECOWEEK FACEBOOK PAGE. Visit it often for udpdates. ECOWEEK is not responsible for accommodation and of the outcome of communication and arrangements between host and hosted.

TRANSPORTATION: ECOWEEK may offer occasionally transportation to the participants. Availability, if any, will be announced and/or posted in the ECOWEEK FACEBOOK PAGE. Visit it often for udpdates. ECOWEEK is not responsible for transportation and travel by the participants.



Confirmation of Registration

Upon registration, please allow for about ten (10) days for your application to be processed and to receive confirmation of your registration. In principle, ALL online registrations are received. In the rare event that you have not heard from us for more than two (2) weeks, please contact us by email.


Cancellation of Registration

Cancellation of Registration should be made in writing to ECOWEEK. Please send email. Cancellation written request received 60 days before the opening date of the conference will receive 50% of Registration fees paid (after deducting bank charges). For cancellations less than 60 days prior to the opening date of the conference, no refund will be made. EARLY BIRD Registration fees are non-refundable.


Insurance | Terms & Conditions

ECOWEEK hosts its events in venues that are accessible, healthy and safe. Travel between, to and/or from ECOWEEK events is the responsibility of each participant. ECOWEEK participants are advised and encouraged to purchase a travel and health insurance that will cover them for the unlikely event of an accident. With their registration to ECOWEEK, participants agree that ECOWEEK has no responsibility for injury or death or damage or theft of private property during ECOWEEK events.

In particular for workshops involving outdoor activity, site visits and/or light construction or physical work: ECOWEEK participants, agree with their registration to join these these workshops, that participants are choosing this activity at their own risk and responsibility, that they take full and sole responsibility for themself, their security and health, and that they waive any claim for responsibility or compensation from ECOWEEK, its legal representatives, its partners, the workshop leaders and any other legal entity directly or indirectly involved in the organization and implementation of ECOWEEK 2012 conference and workshops.


Financial Assistance - Subsidies

ECOWEEK makes every possible effort to make the ECOWEEK conference and workshops accessible and affordable to all students and young professionals. If for some reason you really want to participate but the registration fee is too high for your tight budget, please let us know and we will try to help. If you travel to participate in ECOWEEK, from time to time, there are subsidies available for certain countries. We will publicize them when available, or you are welcome to inquire by email. Finally, if you want to participate in ECOWEEK but times are hard at the moment, let us know. We might be able to help.



Q: Who is an ECOWEEK.NET member?
A: ECOWEEK.NET is the ECOWEEK NETWORK of ECOWEEK participants. ECOWEEK.NET is open for everyone wishing to participate in the ECOWEEK conference and workshops. To become a member, visit the ECOWEEK.NET website and register (

Q: I am not an ECOWEEK.NET member. How can I become a member?
A: If you are not an ECOWEEK.NET member and you wish to receive the ECOWEEK.NET members discount in your registration do the following: (a) Register to ECOWEEK.NET and immediately after (without waiting for a confirmation) register to ECOWEEK 2011 conference & workshops. (c) Once your ECOWEEK.NET account is activated, you will have all the privileges of the ECOWEEK.NET members. To become a member, visit the ECOWEEK.NET website (

Q: Do I have to register to ALL ECOWEEK 2012 events?
A: No. The ECOWEEK 2012 program includes events that require registration, such as the workshops, site visit, and thematic lectures, and events that are free admission and open to the public, such as the keynote and distinguished lectures. Please refer to the program and the registration form to make sure that you are registering for the events that you want to attend. For admission free events, we cannot ensure availability of space; admission-free events are of first-come first-serve seating arrangment. Seats are only reserved for registration holders. In case of error, review the cancellation policy in the registration form.

Q: We are students from disciplines other than Architecture, Landscape Design and Engineering. Can we participate?

A: Yes, the conference and workshops are open to students (graduate and undergraduate) of different disciplines and we encourage participation for more interdisciplinary workshop teams.

Q: Do we have to have prior experience before attending the workshops?
A: No, no prior experience is necessary to participate in the conference workshops.

Q: Do we have to have special equipment to participate to the workshops and site visits?
A: No, although you are encouraged to bring your laptop - at your own risk - to enable you to prepare the work that will be requested during the workshops. The particiapting offices in principle will provide with electricity outlets and Wi-Fi connection, to enable you to work during the workshops. You are also encouraged to bring your own sketching tools - at your own risk (please do not bring expensive tools that may be lost during the workshops).

Q: Do I need special clothes for the hands-on workshops?
A: The hands-on workshops take place in the open air. Bring hat or other protection from sun. It is highly recommended that during the hands-on workshops you wear work-clothes and shoes that may be affected by working with water, mud, etc. and bring clothes to change after the workshop.

Q: May I register online?
A: Yes, please use the registration form and instructions.

Q: We want to register but we are not sure if there are spaces available.
A: Yes, as long as registration is open, you can register.

Q: Is it possible to register without having to use a VISA? Can I make a deposit or transfer instead?
A: No, registration is only possible through bank transfer. Open the registration form and follow the instructions in the form.

Q: How can I demonstrate/prove that I am a student and register as a student?
A: You can use any form of identification form from your University, a student ID, a letter from your University Department, or (for Greek students) you can submit with your registration an YD N105 by email or fax after filling out ALL the required boxes. Please note that your registration is valid only when the above described identification is attached. Failing to submit the requested identification, or if you submit and incomplete form of identification, may result in an invalid registration and therefore loosing your space.

Q: I am interesting in attending the workshops but I can only attend 2 out of 3 days. Is that possible?
A: Yes, you may register for the full program and attend the workshops partially, although we strongly recommend that you attend the workshops full-time in order not to jeopardise the work of the team you will be working with. Please note that there is no discount or refund for attending a portion of the workshops.

Q: I wish to register for the tours and site visits, but I cannot be there the first day. Could I attend only for the second day?
A: Yes, you can register, but you will have to meet the group on the second day at your own expense. For your own convenience, we strongly recommend that you attend the entire program. We also do not offer a discount or refund for attending a portion of the program, or for changes in the program caused by force major.

Q: Until now, I am not interested in registering for the workshops, but I would like to attend the lectures. Is it possible
A: Yes, there are lectures and documentary screenings which are open and free to the public. In case of overbooking the registered participants have priority. The public sits on a first-come first-serve basis. Please refer to the online program and relevant web pages for more information.

We have been asked several times where does the money for ECOWEEK come from and what does the registration fee support. As we encourage transparency at all levels - including auditing our financial accounts since 2007 - here are the numbers (on average):

Q: Who supports ECOWEEK conference and workshops?
30 % Registration fees
30 % Partners
40 % Volunteers & in-kind support

Q: Is my participation subsidized?
Yes. Registration fees cover on average 30% of the real cost of ECOWEEK. On average 70-80% is subsidized by other sources. Therefore, your participation is considerably subsidized. For every euro that you pay, we match your registration by more than twice. This is why registration fees are extremely low.

Q: When I pay my registration fee to ECOWEEK, where does my money go?
30 % Speakers / Experts
20 % Venues
20 % Graphics / Publicity
20 % Conference organization and Administration
10 % Other / Unpredictable

Q: Is ECOWEEK non-profit?
Yes, ECOWEEK is a non-profit organization. Further, 30-40% of ECOWEEK costs are covered by in-kind support and volunteer work.

Q: How much of the program is presented in English?

A: The conference language is English.

Q: When is the next ECOWEEK event?
A: Please refer to our website for regular updates and announcements of events, or write to us to add your address to our mailing list for regular updates.

ECOWEEK 2012 Partners in Rome, Italy (frequently updated) :
Con il Patrocinio:  
Ambasciata del Giappone in Italia Embassy of Japan in Italy
Partner Organizations :  
Supporting Partners 2012 :
Communication Partners 2012 :
Partner and Cooperating Organizations 2012 :
Permanent Partners of ECOWEEK GREENHOUSE :        

ECOWEEK thanks its partners for making ECOWEEK 2012 possible and successful.
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