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Welcome to ECOWEEK 2012 : REUNION in KRAKOW, the first in Poland!

'ECOWEEK is one of the best programs for students in Europe.' (ECOWEEK 2011 participant)

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International Conference & Workshops for Architecture & Design
for Young Architects, Designers, Landscape Architects and graduate students

In Krakow, for the first time in Poland, ECOWEEK brings together the best among ecologically minded-architects, designers, landscape architects, young professionals, and graduate students, in a week of creative thinking 'out of the box', cooperation, dialogue, intercultural exchange, networking, hard work and lots of fun!

ECOWEEK 2012 is a great opportunity for young professionals to share ideas about 'green' buildings and 'green' urban planning, to hear and meet other professionals, some of whom are the best architects in the field, to learn from the experts in the field, to train and gain experience in how to think, plan and design 'green' within existing cities and communities.

The ECOWEEK workshops will address REAL issues, in REAL sites, and also give the opportunity for young professinals to share their own projects!

Don't miss it!

WHAT'S NEW in ECOWEEK 2012 in Krakow?

(a) This is the first REUNION of ECOWEEK! We hope to see you all come back for networking, 'green' design brainstorming, and for two day in beautiful Krakow!

(b) In cooperation with the Green District of Krakow - Zwierzyniec and Villa Decius, the ECOWEEK 2012 workshops will address REAL issues in REAL sites within Krakow.

(c) ECOWEEK invites young professionals to share their design ideas of how to make cities and communities 'green' and sustainable! If you have designed a project that you wish to share with other colleagures and the ECOWEEK community, then ECOWEEK in Krakow is your platform! You will be given the opportunity to present your project and to exhibit your project in the planned exhibition. Contact us for more details.

(d) ECOWEEK are assigned a design assignment BEFORE the ECOWEEK event in Krakow. If you are interested to run a workshop with students in your university, and then come to Krakow to present it, visit the workshop page and/or contact us! More details here.

(e) This is the first ECOWEEK in Poland! The next ECOWEEK is planned for 2013 and will include one-week workshops.

(f) Look for the ECOWEEK GREENHOUSE! The GREENHOUSE is a new initiative for innovation, social and environmental entrepreneurship, which is already active in Greece and Israel. More details here.


ECOWEEK has invited since 2005 internationally acclaimed speakers, expert architects, landscape architects and engineers to give lectures about their projects, explain how 'green' buildings work and how we design and operate them, to lead design workshops and share their experience, expertise and skills with young professioinals, and to give us insights and inspire us about sustainable solutions in design and beyond. Meet some of the distinguished ECOWEEK speakers: Al Gore, Shigeru Ban, Ken Yeang, Francoise-Helene Jourda, Michael Sorkin, Bjarke Ingels, Diebedo Francis Kere, Robert Swan, Rogers Stirk Harbour, ARUP, Buro Happold, Rural Studio, WHITE Architects:

Shigeru Ban Architect
Ken Yeang Architect
Michael Sorkin, Sorkin Studio
Bjarke Ingels, BIG
Ivan Harbour, Rogers Stirk Harbour
Danny Wicke, Rural Studio
Sara Grahn, WHITE Architects
Francis Kere Architect
Francoise-Helene Jourda
Thomas Rau, RAU Architects
Julie Bargmann, DIRT Studio
Alexandros Tombazis, Meletitiki
Thomas Doxiadis, doxiadis+
Al Gore
Robert Swan, UK


ECOWEEK is an independent non-governmental organization (NGO) established initially in Greece in 2005 and active in Europe and the Middle East. Its mission is to raise environmental awareness and promote the principles of sustainability. ECOWEEK organizes workshops and activity on environmental protection and 'green' buildings for young professionals. ECOWEEK through he ECOWEEK GREENHOUSE, a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship for society and the environment, develops and implements real projects in real sites addressing real issues and offering real solutions to local communities. The ECOWEEK Network has members in more than 30 countries. More about ECOWEEK.

ECOWEEK was hosted in 2011 for the first time in Thessaloniki, then for the first time in Milano, and the year was closed with ECOWEEK 2011 in Athens and the opening of the ECOWEEK GREENHOUSE. In 2012, ECOWEEK is scheduled in Jerusalem, Holon, Rishon, Tiberias, Jordan Valley, Thessaloniki, Krakow, Rome, and Belgrade. In 2013, ECOWEEK is scheduled in Copenhagen, Istanbul, Bucharest, Rishon, and other cities. More details here. If you want to help organize ECOWEEK in your city/country, contact us!


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ECOWEEK ... habits change ... climate change

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View short video of ECOWEEK 2011 Workshop W7 from Milano, Italy led by Guidarini&Salvadeo and Studio WOK Architects, Milano.
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View short video (1:37 min) created by Workshop 13 participants in ECOWEEK 2011 in Thessaloniki, Greece

View short video (3:05 min) created by French Architecture student Caroline Charvier for the ECOWEEK Workshop led by architect Michael Sorkin in ECOWEEK 2010 in the Middle East

View short video (1:06 min) created by the
ECOWEEK Workshop led by Rural Studio
architect Daniel Wicke
in ECOWEEK 2010 in Athens, Greece

More videos will be posted.

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