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ECOWEEK 2012 Workshops
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ECOWEEK 2012 Workshops
Urban Communities + Affordable Living + Green Design
Registration only

Urban Sustainability - Including also landsacpe design.
Social Sustainability - Serving/benefiting a local community.
New Building Sustainability - Towards a zero emissions energy-autonomous building.
Existing Building Sustainability - Upgrade, Reuse and Expansion.
Design Sustainability - Combining Design & Building.

>> Workshop choices will be made ONLY AFTER the Early Bird Registration have concluded. You will be notified by email. A first-come first-serve order will be followed.

>> Please review the workshop descriptions below and THEME before choosing the workshop of your choice.


Elena Barthel, Architect | RURAL STUDIO, Alabama, USA & Ohad Yehieli, Architect | Tel Aviv University School of Architecture, Israel

Elena Barthel comes to the Rural Studio from the School of Architecture of the University of Florence in Italy, where she graduated in 1999, and recently accomplished her PHD with the thesis 'Design & Build at the Rural Studio: the education of the Citizen Architect'. While she run her private practice in the historical centre of Florence Santo Spirito, a well-known craft district, she taught at the Department of Urban Design of the University of Florence, at the Architectural Association in London and lead Auburn University Study Abroad in Florence for the academic year 2010. In 2008-2009 she taught the Second Year Studio at the Rural Studio as Visiting Assistant Professor. Her studio took the opportunity to design and build Rose Lee's house, in Footwash, a small community near the Rural Studio. The students explored the 'Expandable Courtyard House' as the first of a new type in response to the transient nature and demographic of the contemporary family. She is currently Assistant Professor running the 3rd year design Studio and charged to design the Rural Studio Farm. A project focused on the redesign of the Rural Studio Campus and an opportunity to experiment with the production of food, energy and building material. The project is intended as a prototype to answer the important question: What can the future of farming be in a contemporary rural setting?

Ohad Yehieli is an architect living and working in Tel Aviv Jaffa, and leading a design studio at the Tel Aviv University's School of Architecture from which he graduated in 2000. The architectural office, Ohad Yehieli Architects (OYA) is involved with numerous projects in a variety of uses, housing, private residence, commerce and industry. After dealing with the Narrowest House in Tel Aviv Jaffa, barely 3.65 m in width, the firm is happy to be involved and intrigued by the design of projects of challenging conditions.

Workshop brief: Ramat Eliyahu Neighborhood, Rishon LeZion, THEME: A & B

The workshop will focus on Ramat Eliyahu neighborhood in Rishon LeZion, a low-income neighborhood in the city where 'green' design solutions will be developed and proposed to the city on 5 main themes: (affordable) housing, community, public domain (open spaces), employment, entrepreneurship and education. This is an actual project, which the City of Rishon is interested in further developing. The workshop will be hosted at the Municipality in Rishon LeZion.

Daniel Pearl, Architect
| L'OEUF Architects, Canada & Suzanne Deschamps, Real Estate Developer, Canada & Braha Kunda, Architect, Director, Interior Design, HIT, Israel & Eitan Bartal, Designer, Facutly, Communications Department, HIT, Israel

Daniel Pearl with co-founding partner Mark Poddubiuk started L'OEUF (l'Office de l'Eclectisme Urbain et Fonctionnel) in 1992, where he concentrates his work on sustainable architecture, urban housing, residential and commercial renovation as well as in research, critic and theory. For over 18 years L'OEUF developed its reputation particularly in sustainable and environmental architecture. Danielís expertise is known for the architectural quality of their projects, their technical and professional skills as well as their active involvement in the academic, professional and community context. This expertise is always founded on a search for balance between the appropriate technique, the economic feasibility, the architectural expression et environmental impact of the project. L'OEUF members, as architects, support the fact that they are stewards of a built environment that is dignified, human, pleasant, functional, sustainable and sensitive to the environment.

Suzanne has a law degree as well as a MBA and has been involved in real estate development in Montreal for more than 22 years. She is Vice President, Real Estate Development & Legal Affairs of Groupe Pacific, a private developer. Since February 2007 she has been working on the masterplan of a sustainable mixed use community that aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the entire community to that of one planet (, in collaboration with the One Planet Community Program and BioRegional. She has been active in social housing, industrial and commercial projects in the city of Montreal as both Legal counsel and executive director of Montreal's development authority. She was involved in all aspects of major redevelopment projects in the city in the IT sector. Her responsibilities, as Director and team leader, also included the historical borough of Old Montreal and coordination of all activities taking place within its limits while promoting Old Montreal as a place to live, work and play. She is an accredited Climate Change presenter.

Braha Kunda is an Architecture and Environmental Design Senior Lecturer and Head of Interior Design Department at the Design Faculty HIT - Israel. She received her B. Design from Bezalel Academy and M. Arch from Rice University, Houston USA. Braha has professional and academic experience in total architectural and environmental design of housing, commercial and public projects in a wide range of scales. Major interest in contextual design related to social and cultural aspects.

Eitan Bartal was born in Tel Aviv where he lives and works today. He graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Bartal is an artist and a designer who defines himself as a "Visual Rhetorician". He currently works as a senior lecturer and faculty member of Holon Academic Institute of Technology (HIT), and from 2005-2008 he served as Head of Communications Department. Bartal's working themes are characterized by their power to confirm his own identity in terms of cultural consciousness - ethnic, national and ecological (Hebrew, Jewish, Israeli, Western, Urban, etc.) with the synthetic myths and truths of contemporary Western culture that are expressed superficially within in the mass media. His personal discovery of how mass consciousness is formed and use of principles of visual rhetoric led him to act as a Trojan horse in the system: experiencing, investigating and studying the nature of commercial activity in the professional arena, and then acting upon it.

Worskhop brief:
Jessie Cohen Neighborhood, Holon, THEME: A & B

The workshop will focus on Jessie Cohen neighborhood in Holon, a low-income neighborhood in the city where 'green' design solutions will be developed and proposed to the city on a variety of aspects, including (affordable) housing, community, public domain (open spaces), employment, entrepreneurship and education. This is a project that has attracted a lot of attention, and is likely to interest the City of Holon to develop further. The workshop will be hosted at HIT in Holon.

Ulf Meyer |
Ingenhoven Architects, Germany & Uli Molter | Universities of Chemnitz and Dresden, Germany & Yael Hamermann Solar, Architect | Municipality of Jerusalem & Barak Pelman, Architect, Israel & Guy Teomi, Architect, Israel
THEME: A & D (tentative)

Ulf Meyer is an architect, partner in the architecture office of Ingenhoven Architects in German. Graduated from the Technical University (TU) of Berlin as Master of Architecture, and studied-abroad at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago, Ill. with the international IIT Fellowship and the Academic Scholarship of the Federal Republic of Germany. He is Distinguished Hyde Chair of Excellence for sustainable urban design at the University of Nebraska/Lincoln. Ulf is a member of the FuturArc Forum for Green Building in Southeast-Asia and Australia, correspondent for Central Europe for "World Architecture" magazine, London, UK, and Editor at "archplus" architectural magazine in Berlin. Ulf has lectured at universities all over Europe, the USA and Canada as well as Japan, China, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan. He has taught at the Bauhaus Graduate School of Design in Dessau/Germany and at summer schools with the Middle Eastern Technical University of Ankara/Turkey, the Georgia Institute of Technology of Atlanta/Georgia, the Rice Design Alliance of Houston/Texas and the University of Kansas Lawrence/Kansas (USA). Ulf has published over 1,000 articles in newspapers and magazines in Germany and abroad. He appeared on Radio, TV and Internet broadcast. Some of his texts have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch and English. Ulf was the keynote speaker at the Green Build Conference in Phoenix/AZ 2009 and at the BCA in Singapore 2011.

Dr. Uli Molter studied Economic Geography, City and Traffic Planning as well as Economics at the RWTH Aachen. Later on working in an engineering office for city planning and environmental protection, Uli contributed to various projects related to urban and national strategic traffic planning. He holds a doctor's degree from Chemnitz University of Technology. His major research focus consists of planning and organizing cross-border public transport. Specifically those were the topics, Uli dealt with in his PhD thesis. Analyzing interdependencies between shrinking cities, demographic changes and traffic as well as understanding processes of sustainable traffic development cover Uli's further expertise. At the universities of Chemnitz and Dresden Uli is currently holding a teaching and research position, among others organizing fieldtrips and giving lectures and classes on regions that face population decline.

Ulf Meyer's and Uli Molter's participation is made possible through the cooperation and support of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

Arch. Yael Hammerman-Solar, is the founder and head of the department for Sustainable Planning and Development, Jerusalem Municipality. The department is working to assimilate sustainable planning and development across the different departments of the Municipality. It does so, by creating sustainable planning guidelines, trainings and workshops for decision makers, planners and developers and commenting on large scale plans that are in different planning process around the city. The department is also responsible for a number of sustainable planning projects around Jerusalem. Yael represents the Jerusalem Municipality at national and international fora and conferences that deal with urban sustainability, green building, biodiversity etc. In her previous position, Yael represented the environmental organizations at the district committee of Jerusalem as part of her work as the Jerusalem SPNI architect. As an independent architect, Yael dealt with a number of projects of planning, conservation and environmental planning. Yael is
teaching a course on sustainabilty and architectural process at Bezalel Academy.

Arch. Barak Pelman (B.Arch with distinction, MSc) studied architecture at Tel Aviv University, Helsinki University of Technology and completed the MSc programme in Sustainable Environmental Design at the Architectural Association Graduate School in London. Barak worked as an architect at the architectural firm of the Israeli Prize laureate Dr Ada Karmi Melamede and at "Prewett Bizley Architects" in London. He taught at the Architectural Association Graduate School and today he is a lecturer at the Architectural Department of Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. Barak won several design awards and has exhibited works at the Helsinki Museum of Architecture and the International Biennale of Landscape Urbanism in Bat-Yam.

Arch. Guy Teomi (B.Arch with distinction) is a senior architect at the architectural firm of the Israeli Prize laureate Dr. Ada Karmi Melamede. He has a great experience in designing various building types and structures. Guy was the project architect of the Visiting Centre at Ramat Hanadiv Gardens, a project which was among the firsts to be acknowledged as a "Green Building" by the Israeli Institute of Standards.

Worskhop brief:
The site of the workshop is the San Martin neighborhood in Katamonim neighborhood of Jerusalem. Katamonim neighborhood was built in the 50s' as public housing for new immigrants arriving to Israel after the Second World War and the establishment of the State of Israel. The 9 different parts of the neighborhood differ in urban planning, architectural design, density and the closeness to the city center. St. Martin or Katamon 8-9 are the most dens areas of the neighborhood and the least connected parts of the neighborhood to the city center . These qualities also made Katamonim 8-9 the most poor parts of the neighborhood and the least taken care of in terms of planning. The worskhop will include social aspects, environmental issues, sustainable transportation and traffic, urban open spaces, and more. A more detailed brief will be posted shortly. The workshop will be hosted at Bezalel Continuing Education (Yaffo 23) in Jerusalem.

Jan Johansson | Architect MAA, Denmark & Erez Ella | HQ Architects, Israel


Jan Johansson is an architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. He graduated in 1993 and has participated in master classes then in Barcelona. He then had his own office and also worked at other studios. Also worked with a housing association, a municipality and project developer at two companies in Copenhagen. Since 2007 he has been a lecturer in architecture and sustainability of the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA). Jan has been visiting professor at Politecnico di Milan Bovisa in 2010. He was workshop leader at ECOWEEK Milan 2011.

Erez Ella, HQ Architectsí founder, oversees the work of the office in Tel Aviv. Among others, the office is practicing research, urban planning, housing and public buildings in Israel and the US. Erez was a Principal of REX during the period of May 2006 to January 2008 and worked as an Associate at OMA P.C. At OMA Erez was a Project Architect for the Television Cultural Center for China Central Television (TVCC) in Beijing and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. In the fall of 2007, Erez was the Eero Saarinen visiting Professor at the Yale School of Architecture and currently, Erez is leading the sustainable unit at Bezalel School of Architecture. Erez has B.Arch from Tel Aviv University and is a licensed architect in the state of Israel.

Theme C - New Building Sustainability The workshop will develop a scheme for the new Nature Museum Competition within the urban context. The workshop works with the implementation of both low-and high-tech solutions. We analyze the surrounding and come with our bid for future sustainable urban housing. The site of the project is in Jerusalem. The workshop
will be hosted at Bezalel Continuing Education (Yaffo 23) in Jerusalem.

Shorouq Women Center, Azaryia (Bethany), Palestine
Alessio Battistella, Architect & Alberto Alcalde, Architect | ARCo Group Architects & Engineers, Italy & Dan Price, Architect | TAU Azrieli School of Architecture, Israel

ARCo is a young group of engineers and architects, based in Milan since 2009. ARCo uses low cost materials and sustainable techniques to develop projects of Architecture for international cooperation, particularly educational projects, till the moment in Palestine and Mozambic. Each project tries to develop sustainability in different aspects: techniques, methodologies, environmental, economic, and social aspects. The tyres school in Al Khan Al Ahmar has been shown at FMG (Spazio per l'architettura) in Milan in 2011 and the bamboo school in Abu Hindi has won the second price ex aequo at "Premio Fondazione Renzo Piano for a young talent 2011", and the Silver Award of the Holcim Foundation 2011 - Africa and Middle East. Both have been presented at the Padiglione Italia XII Biennale di Venezia - Dialoghi AILATI Progettare etico e solidale - and have been awarded also with the Eme3 Cities Awards of the International Festival of Architecture of Barcelona. ARCo has just completed the construction of a Child Center in the village of Um Al Nasser, Gaza Strip, designed with Mario Cucinella.

Dan Price is a practicing architect living in Tel Aviv. He began his studies in Johannesburg and graduated from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. As partner with Ada Karmi-Melamed, Dan price worked on numerous public and private projects of various scales: from the new Ben Gurion airport to private houses. For the past eight years Dan has taught design at the Azrieli School of Architecture at Tel Aviv University as well as a course on the appropriate use of materials and construction detailing. He has just completed a Masters degree in Environmental Studies through the Porter School at the Tel Aviv University focusing his research on the design of sustainable neighborhoods.. Recently he published a book, co-authored with Ada Karmi-Melamede presenting a critical analysis of architecture in Palestine-Israel during the British mandate (1918-1947).

Workshop brief (1): Shorouq Palestinian Women Association Center | Bethany, Palestine The workshop will focus on the second phase of the design development, shop drawings and hands-on construction of the roof pegola for the Shorouq Palestinian Women Association Center in Bethany. The first phase of the re-design of the Center was undertaken by the ECOWEEK workshop team led by architects Dan Price, Mai Haseba and Ziad Jallad in the summer 2010. The first phase was completed in 2011.

Workshop brief (2):
Park in the village of Al Wallajeh, outskirts of Jerusalem. The workshop will start with the description of several examples of sustainable auto-construction architectures and public spaces. Sustainable building techniques, innovative uses of low cost and recycled materials, specific needs, participation proceedings, education of inhabitants in auto-construction techniques will be the target topics. Participants will be involved in the analysis and creation of a proposal for an auto-construction project for a park in the village of Al Wallajeh, outskirts of Jerusalem. This project will focus on the particular situation of the village of Al Wallaje, and the consequences of the Middle East conflict on its public space, on the possibility to build an identity collective place for the local community and integrate it with the existing and new-planned surroundings. The attended result of the workshop is a prototypic project of urban sustainability for auto-constructed buildings and spaces in the physical context, which can lay foundations for a new kind of future urban and social transformations. The workshop will be hosted at Bezalel Continuing Education (Yaffo 23) in Jerusalem.

Zur Moshe (The Greek Moshav of Israel): Mati Kones, Architect | Ecotectura & Nirit Amir-Melli, Architect, Israel


Mati Kones, one of the pioneers in passive solar Architecture in Israel, since the 1980s has a number of completed passive solar buildings throughout Israel.

The Sonnenfeld Center for Environmental Physics at the Institute for Desert Research Sde Boker Campus of the Ben Gurion University is an administration and academic building, utilizing passive solar heating and passive cooling to reduce reliance on fossil fuel generated energy.

Arch. Nirit Amir-Őelli is a graduate from the Polytechnic University in Turin, Italy, with thesis in "problems and opportunities in developing the Negev region in Israel". Nirit is an energy efficiency manager at a leading Israeli consulting company for green construction, and is a consultant for bio - climatic techniques for passive heating and ventilation, with experience in numerous projects to obtain the Israeli Green Building Standard 5281.

Workshop brief: Zur Moshe THEME: A & C

The workshop will focus on 'green' design for a new Community Center at Moshav Zur Moshe, and the landscape re-design of the 30-dunam park Athens in Zur Moshe. Zur Moshe was established in the 1930s by Greek immigrants. This is an actual project, which the Community Board of Zur Moshe is interested in further developing. The workshop will be hosted at HIT in Holon.

Scottish Complex, Tiberias: Thomas Doxiadis, Architect, Landscape Architect | doxiadis+ & Raffaella Colombo Architect, Landscape Architect | Opps Studio, Milano & Gill Peled, Architect | Eco-Challenges, Israel

THEME: C & A (Landscape Design)

Thomas Doxiadis, ASLA. Born in Athens. Architect Harvard University M. Arch (1998), Landscape Architect Harvard University MLA (1998), BA Harvard University (1992). former Associate Professor, University of Patras. former Associate Professor, University of Thessaly. Assistant Professor, Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Manager, Organizing Committee of Olympic Games Athens 2004 (1999-2003). Agency Director of Planning and Environmental Protection of Athens (1999-2001). Head of consulting offices doxiadis + which negotiates the architecture and landscape architecture on the basis of environmental planning and landscape

Architect Raffaella Colombo has a Degree in Architecture from the Politecnico of Milan. Since 1998 is enrolled in the landscape professional association Member of the Project Department of the Politecnico of Milan. Enrolled in the Ordine degli Architetti, Paesaggisti, Conservatori of Milan. Since 1991 she teaches at the Faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico of Milan and since 2007 at the course of "Analysis and design of the contemporary garden". Her studies and activities reach out toward the private and public landscape design in an urban and environmental dimension. Blog1 | Blog2

Architect Gil Peled is founder of Eco-Challenges Sustainable Design & Consultancy, and has pioneered sustainable retrofits of existing residential buildings in Israel. Gil graduated from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, with a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Architectural Studies on Sustainable and Affordable Housing and with an MSc. with distinction, on transformations of Sacred Buildings and Spaces. Gil is currently working towards a PhD in the Netherlands. Gilís varied professional experience includes several pioneering green projects such as the initial plan for the Valley of the Gazelle Urban Nature Park in Jerusalem, various community gardens with public participation, sustainable retrofits of a community centre and a commercial center. Gil is a member of international bodies perusing sustainable development and has lectured at international venues in the UK, the Netherlands, Japan and South Africa.

Workshop brief: The workshop will focus on the architectural design of a new Church and Peace Center building for the Scottish Church inside the Scottish Hotel compound in Tiberias, and the landscape design of a new garden inside the Scottish Hotel compound in Tiberias. This is an actual project, which the Scottish Church is interested in further developing and implementing, therefore the initial ideas developed during ECOWEEK will be very important in this process.
The workshop
will be hosted at Bezalel Continuing Education (Yaffo 23) in Jerusalem.

W16 : Historic Preservation within the historic city of Jerusalem: Moshavot: Arch. Ofer Manor, Arch. Prof. Gobi Kurtis, & Arch. Dana Burshtein

Ofer Manor serves as Chief Architect in the Jerusalem Municipality. In this capacity he plays a key role in forging urban development, preservation and design policies for the city, and in reviewing significant public and private development proposals for Jerusalem. Ofer oversees the design of Jerusalem's public realm, directing over 40 pedestrianization and street upgrade projects and devising design guidelines for streets and street frontages. He is also responsible for the urban integration of a 9 mile light- rail line in the city, a $1Billion Public-Private venture. Ofer holds a B.Arch cum laude from the Technion and is a graduate of The Loeb Fellowship at the Harvard School of Design.

Workhsop brief:
This workshop will identify the potential of historic preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings in the center of Jerusalem, giving new uses to the city center while maintaining the historic character of the city. The workshop will deal with the urban realm of the German Colony and the surrounding colonies (Moshavot). More details on this workshop will be posted shortly. The workshop will be hosted at Bezalel Continuing Education (Yaffo 23) in Jerusalem.


ECOWEEK 2012 Workshops
Support Team | Registration only

Michael Levy | Architect & Environmental Consultant, France & Israel

Graduated from the School of Architecture, Tel-Aviv University, Michael gained experience in Residentials, Hotel & Resorts in London, UK. He worked for Claudio Silvestrin Architects and Reardonsmith Architects, on projects in France, Seychelles, Morrocco, Azerbaijan, UK, Brasil, Porto-Montenegro & Israel. He recently graduated from UCL with Distinction on a Master in Environmental Design & Engineering (Msc EDE). He specialized on BIM using Revit Architecture 2012 (Certified Associate) and uses DesignBuilder (EnergyPlus) to assess Energy Performance of Buildings (Daylighting, CFD, Thermal modeling). Now, Michael works freelance as an Architect & Environmental Consultant as well as the representant of DesignBuilder in Israel. Softwares: Revit / Autocad / DesignBuilder / TAS / Ecotect / Maya / SketchUp.

Michael will be available to consult the workshop groups during ECOWEEK 2012, in order to help the groups make a preliminary environmental assessment of their workshop design proposal.

Michelle Farrell, Architect | IES
Michelle Farrell is the Head of the European Division for Integrated Environmental Solutions, Ltd. She attended Boston Architectural College, where she received both a Bachelors of Design Studies and Masters of Architecture. Michelle was named to the Consulting Specifying Engineer 2011 "40 under 40" list, is a LEED Accredited Professional, and has taught various courses in BIM and integrated analysis. After working for over 6 years in various architecture firms in the USA as an architectural designer, she began to analyze the 3D building models using performance analysis tools. Michelle has experience as a consultant in the USA and in Europe, including LEED consulting, and working directly with some of the top engineering and architecture firms in the USA and Europe to develop solutions that can be part of their normal design process, through the use of BIM models.

Michelle will be available to briefly consult some of the workshop groups during ECOWEEK 2012.

ECOWEEK 2012 Workshops
Support Materials | Registration only

Download: PDF Guidelines on 'green' building design (Ministry of Environment)
Download: PDF Guidelines on passive solar design (Sde Boker)
Download: PDF Israeli Standard 5281 for 'green' buildings

: PDF guidelines on green buildings
Link More guidelines on green buildings
Beersheva: EPW Energy Plus file
Jerusalem: EPW Energy Plus file
Tel Aviv
: EPW Energy Plus file

Beersheva: Download: EXCEL Environmental Assessment tool
Jerusalem: Download: EXCEL Environmental Assessment tool
Tel Aviv: Download: EXCEL Environmental Assessment tool

Environmental Assessment tool by Zelda Elalouf (ECOWEEK 2010)
Download: General workshop instructions and guidelines.
Download: Exhibition catalogue sample temple.

Scottish Hotel | Tiberias

The workshop will focus on the architectural re-design of an existing building, now serving as a Church and school, into luxury hotel suites by the Sea of Galilee (Kineret). This is an actual project, which the Scottish Church is interested in further developing and implementing.

Scottish School | Jaffa

The workshop will focus on the architectural and landscape re-design of an existing school, located in a historic building dating from the 1870s, in order to implement a number of environmental solutions for the conservation of energy and water, re-design of the open spaces surrounding the school building, including limited new design of classrooms and a shading structure for the installation of photovoltaic panels. This is an actual project, which the Scottish Church is interested in further developing and implementing.
  Reuse of existing abandoned buildings as affordable housing in Jerusalem:
THEME: A & B & D

Workhsop brief: This workshops will focus on the identification and the preparation of proposal ideas and design schemes for the reuse of abandoned buildings within the city of Jerusalem. The use of the rehabilitated buildings will be targeted towards affordable housing and uses that will serve the local community of the city. The workshop will take place in Jerusalem.

Jessie Cohen Community Center (Matna's), Holon THEME: B

Workhsop brief: This workshop will work closly with the Community Center director, towards designing a number of small-scale interventions and interior design, needed by the Community Center. The Community Center has already the budget for the implementation of the work, which will be actually implemented, either during the ECOWEEK week or in the weeks immediately after. The assignments suggested by the Community Center are the following:

> Interior Design assignments:
(a) Redesign of the front facade of the Community Center, and the open space in front of it.
Redesign of the entrance lobby.
(c) Redesign of the office space of the Community Center administration.
(d) Redesign of the toilets of the second floor.
(e) Redesign of the events hall in the first floor.
(f) Redesign of the children's club.
) Suggestions for window replacement and shading on the upper floor of the Center.

> Landscape Design assignments:
(a) Community garden in the front of the Community Center. The goal is that this is also implemented during ECOWEEK. The Commnunity Center will provide with materials, equipment, and volunteers.
(b) Re-design of the open theater in the back of the Community Center, combined with limited landscaping of the open space.
The workshop will take place in Holon.


About ECOWEEK Workshops

ECOWEEK WORKSHOPS are an integral component of the ECOWEEK International Conference since 2008. Workshops for young architects and students of Architecture have been taking place since 2009.

ECOWEEK Workshops are the international annual high-profile architectural event organized by ECOWEEK, labeled by its participants as 'one of the best programs for young professionals in Europe.' The ECOWEEK 'green' design workshops give the opportunity to young professionals and graduate students of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Design and Engineering, but also of other professions, to work side by side with established, known or emerging architects, designers, landscape archiects and engineers from around the world, and to learn together the principles of 'green' Architecture and sustainable design.

ECOWEEK 2012 is a great opportunity for young professionals to learn about 'green' buildings, to hear and meet the best architects in the field, to learn from the best engineers and experts in the field, to train and gain experience in how to think, plan and design 'green' and affordable.

The ECOWEEK 2012 workshops will take place in Bezalel, HIT, and College of Management, in cooperation with the municipalities of Jerusalem, Holon and Rishon. There willl also be projects in the Jordan Valley, Moshav Zur Moshe, Azaryia (Bethany) in cooperation with Shorouq Palestinian Women Society, and Tiberias in cooperation with the Scottish Church.

The ECOWEEK 2012 projects involve urban planning, new buildings, landscape design, interior design, and industrial design. The workshop leaders are coming from Israel, Jordan, US, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Italy, and Greece. Don't miss it!

WHAT'S NEW in ECOWEEK 2012 in the Middle East?

(a) In cooperation with the Municipalities of Jerusalem, Rishon, and Holon, and with the cooperation with the Scottish Church, ECOWEEK 2012 workshops are assigned REAL PROJECTS, in REAL SITES, in consultation with a REAL 'CLIENT'.

(b) Selected projects from the ECOWEEK 2012 proposals will be further developed and some will be implemented!

(c) ECOWEEK 2012 includes two hands-on workshops, which will spend time both designing AND building their projects!

(d) ECOWEEK 2012, in cooperation with the Municipality of Jerusalem, Bezalel Academy and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, intends that the ECOWEEK 2012 Workshop proposals will be exhibited in Jerusalem and will be published in a catalogue following the week of ECOWEEK 2012. More details will be posted shortly.

(e) In parallel to ECOWEEK 2012, ECOWEEK is also starting the activity of the GREENHOUSE, a new initiative for innovation, social and environmental entrepreneurship. The GREENHOUSE is already active in Greece. Starting in February 2012, it will also be active in Israel. The first assignment for the ECOWEEK GREENHOUSE will be the interior design and exterior landscape design assignments - to include also hands-on implemention - for a public building in Holon. More on the GREENHOUSE. More details will be posted shortly.


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ECOWEEK 2009 Workshops | Background

ECOWEEK 2009: Ecology + Leadership + Architecture Workshop
The interdisciplinary design workshops of ECOWEEK 2009 dealt with the site of the former international airport of Athens in Hellenikon. The groups did not attempt to repeat the international competition on the site; neither give tips to improve the official plans for the site; neither attempted to impose architectural symbols and schemes from abroad. The workshops rather attempted to re-approach this important site for Athens and the residents of the Metropolitan city, based on ecology, locality, community and sustainability. More

ECOWEEK 2009: Workshop leaders

ECOWEEK 2008 Workshops | Background

ECOWEEK 2008 & AIACE: Ecology + Environment + Architecture Workshop
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ECOWEEK thanks its partners for making ECOWEEK 2012 possible and successful.
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