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ECOWEEK 2012 BELGRADE Workshop Presentations

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  WORKSHOP THEMES may include:
Urban Sustainability - Including also landsacpe design.
Social Sustainability - Serving/benefiting a local community.
New Building Sustainability - Towards a zero emissions energy-autonomous building.
Existing Building Sustainability - Upgrade, Reuse and Expansion.
Design Sustainability - Combining Design & Building, and Design & light hands-on construction (design-build).

Please contact Prof. Ana Nikezic for ECTS credits.


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W1 : Andreas Nassos, Landscape Architect | Vitaverde, Greece & Serbia

Vitaverde consists of a team of flexible people, constantly looking for challenges to stretch its boundaries, offering products and services in the field of greenery. The company has experience in construction of vertical gardens, roof gardens, interior gardens and gardens at different private and professional spaces. Besides the possibility to design, Vitaverde also realises the projects and provides customers with the maintenance needed. The materials that are used in construction, but also in maintenance, are chosen to have minimal impact on the natural environment. The team does not discriminate between size of project or space, but looks for projects out of the ordinary that inspire them to be creative. The goal of Vitaverde is to engage many different aspects through design, use of plants, products and solutions that fit harmonically to the surrounding environment.

Workshop location: The workshop will be located at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Resavska 13-15, Belgrade map | website
Workshop brief: The go al of this workshop is to add urban green to the existing buildings of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce following the values of sustainability, biodiversity and social interaction. We will strive to provide a solution for the space that will have an impact on the building, the people who use it every day and the wider area. We hope to prove that buildings for public use can play a significant role in the attempt to make modern cities more viable and in improving the quality of life of the citizens. Keeping in mind the nature of the workshop, we also want the design to be feasible, so it can be realized in the near future. We will be guided by the possible use of green in all surfaces in a build environment, interesting implemented projects worldwide, the history and style of the building itself, the character and history of the city of Belgrade and of course the Balkan spirit.
W2 : Ana Nikezic | Faculty of Architecture, Serbia

Ana Nikezic Ana was born in Belgrade. Received her PhD in Architecture, and is presently an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Belgrade University, Department of Architecture. She is teaching third year Bachelor studies elective course, Master Design Studio and Design Theory both in Master and PhD classes. Her research includes Contemporary Urban Living and Regeneration Strategies, Urban transformations. She has a special interest in built environment and culture, design and nature. She has won several prizes in national competitions.

Workshop location: Primary School Drinka Pavlovic, Kosovska 19, Belgrade.
Workshop brief:
"Garden to Go" is an event scenography, a fragment of otherness, as a catalizator for social interaction in public urban space. The accent is on temporality and mobility. The space is reactivated, but is not finished in terms of the product. It develops through usage (growing and nurturing). It investigates the unexploited possibilities for integrating an element of garden into urban milieu. Participants will be inspired by the work of various international organizations and designers working with similar goals, and will see diverse short films on the garden to go topic. Goal of the workshop is to shape environmentally aware public spaces for social interaction, using principles and elements of "garden". Awakening individuals, local communities and wider public on the importance to appreciate, grow and nurture, maintain and build better, healthier and more socially accessible space (environmental, ethic and esthetic dimension). Principles usually applied on buildings are scaled on anthropological dimension where individuals interact with space through the actual garden object.

W3 : Prof. Mihailo Grbic & Prof. Jasminka Cvejic | Faculty of Forestry, Serbia

Prof. Dr. Mihalo Grbic teaches subjects Production of planting material, Horticulture and History of garden art at the Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture, University of Belgrade. He was on three scientific and professional trainings : research fellowship by the Dutch government at the Experimental Station for Arboriculture in Boskoop for Institute for Forestry and Landscape Architecture of Wageningen (the Netherlands), research fellowship at the University of Wisconsin (USA), as well as the Federal Institute for Forestry in Birmensdorf (Switzerland). He is a member of ISHS (International Society for Horticultural Science), ECLAS (European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools) and many more. He has published over 150 scientific papers and two university textbooks.

Workshop location: The workshop will be hosted at Zvecanska - the Center for Protection of Infants, Children and Youth, Zvecanska 7, Belgrade map | website
Workshop brief: The workshop will take place at Center for protection of infants and young children 'Zvecanska' on improvement of their garden and adjustment to the needs of the Center. Attached plans of existing conditions. Goal of the workshop is to design proposals for the garden for the Center for Care of Infants, Children and Youth in Zvecanska street. The proposals are looking for improvement of their living conditions and adjustment to the needs of the Center, in accordance with feasible solutions in terms of funding and construction. It is expected that the solutions will offer higher functionality of the garden, new garden facilities, spatial organisation in accordance to the different user groups, adjustment to the needs of the Center, as well as aesthetic improvements. To achieve the workshop goals, there will be lectures, field work, interviews with the stakeholders, discussions, design, and design presentations.


W4: Raffaella Colombo Architect, Landscape Architect | Opps Studio, Milano & Ivan Mangov | Megatrend University, Faculty for Arts & Design

1990 Degree in Architecture at the Politecnico of Milan Since 1998 enrolled in the landscape professional association Member of the Project Department of the Politecnico of Milan Enrolled in the Ordine degli Architetti, Paesaggisti, Conservatori of Milan Since 1991 she teaches at the Faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico of Milan and since 2007 at the course of "Analysis and design of the contemporary garden" Her studies and activities reach out toward the private and public landscape design in an urban and environmental dimension. Blog1 | Blog2

Ivan Mangov, Serbia Bachelor of Internal Architecture from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and a Master from the Italian University Politecnico di Milano. Ivan Mangov is currently on PhD on Anthropology on Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. From 2006 until 2009, he was working as an Expert Associate of Italian company Giorgeti, worlds leader in furniture manufacture. Since 2009 he is a Teaching Assistant and a leader of Design Management at the Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Megatrend. Recently, he led a workshop named Waterliving, for students from Belgrade and Milan and their solutions of Danube waterfront in Belgrade.

Workshop location: The workshop will be hosted at Arka Barka Hostel at Bulevar Nikole Tesle (location map) Opposite SIV (Palata Srbija) building, back entrance map | website
Workshop brief: The workshop will focus on landscape design around a stilt house on the Medjica island, owned by the municipality of Surcin, the main purpose of which is the exhibition of cultural contents (per example a river-living museum). The particularity of the area around the object is that it is also used by swimmers in the summer and it could be used for relaxation throughout the year. The goal of the workshop is to give the participants an opportunity to get to know the Belgrade's river island of Me?ica and its spontaneous architecture, and by creating a new green space with multi functional purpose, to give them a chance to take part in its beauty. website

W5: Ivan Redi Director | ORTLOS Space Engineering, Austria & UK

Ivan Redi is principal of ORTLOS Space Engineering based in London and Graz, founded in 2000 as a network of interdisciplinary partners. Within the trans-disciplinary framework of ORTLOS projects, which constantly expand the boundaries of classical architectural fields by using cutting-edge technologies, there is a strong emphasis on advanced environments, energy efficiency and regenerative architecture. Their work has been published and exhibited worldwide. Mr. Redi is currently teaching at Graz University of Technology, Bartlett University College London and lectures around the world. In collaboration with graphic design legend David Carson, ORTLOS has published the book "ORTLOS" and recently have developed an iPhone Application "Gandis", which supports energy-efficient design of buildings.

Workshop location: Usce Shopping center Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 6, shop no 1.84 on 1st floor map | website
Workshop brief: Orlos, being known for their work on experimental, holistic and virtual architecture, will mentor workshop for the best and creative solution of Eco-urban systems. The current discussion about sustainability suggests that the modern society is a kind of ballast for the planet and detrimental to the environment. Therefore, we need to provide proactive solutions in search for future developments, which are not only limiting and restrictive to the current life-style in order to achieve the sustainability and the human-nature equilibrium. Main design element is a high-performance envelope, which will be elaborated as an intelligent green surface, gaining solar energy (photovoltaic), daylight, natural ventilation, providing shadow, improving micro-climate and be the buffer zone for different heat zones. Result of the workshop would be to propose systems with absolute efficiency, that allows implementation of a meaningful prototype for an urban eco-system. The interest here is the creation of heterogeneity, a climatically dynamic activation of natural forces. The whole performance of the buildings should be in balance.
The following parameters will be considered with equal importance: ecological material, aesthetic - art of construction, form, programmatic functions, life cycle, renewable energy, usage, interactivity, sensitivity and networks.

Competence Center for Sustainable Development and Knowledge "Centre Tesla" is a non-governmental organization, established in Belgrade in 2006, with the main aim of presenting Nikola Tesla's ideas related to sustainable development, renewable and alternative energy sources usage. Centre Tesla's mission is continuing further work on studying, understanding and spreading to the public worldwide Tesla Doctrine, a set of ideas Nikola Tesla exhibited in numerous articles and interviews published in the early 20th century, in which he presented his views on the future of our civilization. One of Centre Tesla reason of existence is its work on creating Social Innovations that benefit True Global Sustainability. This is done through educational, dynamic platform for launching scientific and ethical solutions to problems of diverting energy of development of human civilization and a constant research campaign on the holistic formulas of sustainability. Centre Tesla nourishes new authentic worldwide thinkers and implementers of sustainable development, who create and add values on all people with their true effort, thus changing unsustainable urban habits.

Workshop location: Kulturni centar Grad, Ulica Brace Krsmanovic 4, Belgrade. map | website
Workshop brief: Centre Tesla workshop team will use the guiding principles of Tesla's Doctrine and Nikola Tesla quotes regarding true sustainability and development for the inspiration before and during the workshop. The goal of the workshop will be to gain a full conceptual design of a new family living house predominantly meant for rural area that will be completely self-sufficient and is going to be constructed only with natural and traditional materials, natural waste, and secondary, recyclable materials. Also the specific climate in which it is located should be taken under account. Innovative solutions which could be applied in the construction of the house would provide most of the energy needs from renewable sources. Principles of Permaculture should be taken into account. This will result in a universal embodiment of sustainable construction:
- ecological
- sustainable
- energy efficient
- completely secure
- economically viable
- socially acceptable, and
- culturally traditional.

W7: Prof. Svetlana Stevovic | University Union Nikola Tesla, Serbia

Prof. Dr Svetlana Stevovic is a scientific advisor and a full time professor at the University Union Nikola Tesla that consists of Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture and Urbanism, Department of Real Estate Management and Department of Entrepreneurial Business. Svetlana Stevovic is the author of the monograph ''Sustainable architecture'', in which she presented the theoretical background of sustainable construction and through practical solutions analyzed the possibilities of applying renewable energy in architecture and urban planning. Dr. Stevovic has published over 250 other scientific papers in leading international journals and conferences in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental construction and correlation between technical and ecological systems and was a leader in over 20 international multi-disciplinary and more than 30 national projects.

Workshop location: University Union Nikola Tesla, Street Cara Dusana 62-64, Belgrade map | website
Workshop brief: The workshop will focus on Ada Huja that has been used as a landfill and completely devastated throughout the years. However, recently the importance of such a jewel on the river and close to the city center has been finally realised and some improvements have been made. Holistic approach of professionals from different backgrounds as workshop mentors will ensure the right proposal of the solution. More details to be posted shortly.

W8: Ana Ilic & Ivana Petkovic Architects | 2wish4design group, Serbia

2wish4design is enthusiastic and dynamic architectural group based in Nis, Serbia. Group founders are architects with substantial experience in architectural and graphic design skills. Ana Ilic is architect with Masters Degree in Architecture from University of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Nis, Serbia. Her work is dedicated to green architecture and design, based on sustainable principles. Some of her the most successful projects are : the project for Royal Institute of British Architects and Corus Constructon, London UK ,,Living on the water H20 House'' (2007), Eco Urban Community on lake Oblacina in Serbia (2010) and Ecoweek Thessaloniki Greece Re-design of Agia Sophia Complex (2011, team work). Ivana Petkovic is architect with Masters Degree in Architecture from Kansas State University. She worked as an Assistant on courses Structure 1 and 2 . Her work during the graduate studies was devoted to the a design for people with special needs. After graduating from the University of Kansas, she worked in several well-known architectural firms in the USA. Web : 2wish4design-studio

Workshop location:
At the office of Marketing and design agency Devotion plus D.O.O , Kneza Milosa 28, Belgrade map
Workshop brief: The workshop will focus on design of urban furniture with themes of recycling, composting and/or small tourist info objects. More details to be posted shortly

W9: Gordana Radonic dia, hiCad Novi Sad & Zsolt Ivanovics dia, INFORMAarchitectura & Novi Sad, Ivan Peric dia, ARHIBLAST, Serbia

ECODESIGNER: practical ways of green architecture.
Sustainable development in architecture, space remodeling through Form, Function and building construction in contemporary urban surrounding. The goal of the workshop is to remodel urban space with energy efficiency guidelines while improving human aspects of space usage and long term exploitation.The workshop will be done in two parts:
1. Form remodeling with energy efficiency guidelines through BIM (building information model) space shapes. Literature with British and German standards available. Software in use: ArchiCAD BIM
2. Building Materials and energy analysis through Energy Evaluation functionality based on entirely new technology (e.g. zone-boundary based building model geometry analysis, analytic weather data input option, etc.). This technology allows architects to perform reliable dynamic energy evaluation of their BIM model within ArchiCAD, relying on BIM geometry analysis and accurate hour-by-hour online weather data of the building's location. Software in use: ECODESIGNER
Choosing best solution for building remodeling will be held on last day of workshop with evaluation of solutions.

Workshop location: To be posted shortly.
Belgrade map
Workshop brief: To be posted shortly.
  More workshops may be posted.

Support materials

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Download: PDF guidelines on green buildings
Link More guidelines on green buildings
Site of Green Building Council Serbia
Download: PDF Design with Intent: 101 patterns for influencing behavior through design

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Belgrade, Serbia : Energy Plus ZIP file
PDF General workshop instructions and guidelines

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